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How To Encourage Links To Your Content

Link Building

We all know how important it is to build links and the massive impact it can have on our rankings. In today’s SEO industry I honestly believe the days of emailing webmasters is over, as it is time consuming and usually not worth it.

The other options we have are content generation and directory listings and link building in this way has to be done carefully, we should be writing relevant content for articles and submitting to relevant directories. There are obviously other methods of building links like blog carnivals, guest posts, squidoo etc… but that’s not what this post is about.

Today I really wanted to discuss how we encourage visitors to link to our content. Of course were looking to write quality editorial content, the type of content a reader would like to reference on their own site, therefore allowing us to build links naturally. The rules of creating quality content or ‘reference worthy’ content changes regularly therefore it’s impossible to guarantee the success of a piece of content, however there are things we can do to help the content building process whilst at the same time giving it the necessary elements that are going to get it referenced around the www.

Non commercial status

This is an unfortunate element of building links to content, in that if your content has a commercial edge it is less likely to be linked to. At the same time 90% of content writers do so with earnings coming into mind somewhere down the line. The trick is to direct attention away from the commercial element of your site. You may have noticed I removed the adsesne from my posts, well, from my whole site actually. This is simply to tell people who read my content, that I didn’t put it together to make money with adsense. This was a big decision for me as the adsense earnings were significant, but I’m willing to sacrifice the short term gain for, hopefully, a long term advantage.

There are lot’s of things you can do to help dampen commercial intentions, like design, ad placement and choosing an appropriate domain name. I may advertise on this blog again in the future but it will be with a different strategy in mind. It’s a shame bloggers and content writers need to think like this as just because something has ads in the sidebar does not mean the content quality is poor, but try to build up your authority and reputation before planting ads on your site, this is my opinion anyway.

Make It Easy To Read

Try to make your articles as easy to read as possible and as visually pleasing as you can. If you write about a complex aspect, break it down so that it provides value to a novice as well as a seasoned pro. Aim for smaller paragraphs instead of a long page with no breaks, use graphics and videos where necessary. Doing this may take a little extra work but your link popularity will reap the rewards.

Beef Up The Authority

Very often we write from our own knowledge or expertise, but if you are giving an opinion try to back it up with some research or link back to an authorities site that has spoken on the matter. This will give you added credibility and again, encourage readers to link back to your content.

Don’t Forget The Hook

I wrote about “how to write effective linkbait” a week ago, and it basically stems around using emotional hooks to ignite attention. Be contentious, show unique research or report on a brand new concept or application. I did a little research into bing rankings 2 weeks ago, the articles are still pulling in links (total around 3500) and traffic on those pages is as much as my home page.

Another method to attract links from emotional hooks is carried out on the Seth Godin Blog . He writes emotion stirring content and switches off the comments?? People who wish to respond have no choice but to do so from their own sites. Genius! If you have the writing skills.

Treat Them Like Babies

Are you lazy? Well even if your not most of your readers are, so make it easy for them to share content on your site. Digg, stumble, sphinn whatever it may be provide the links at the end of the post, if not they WILL simply pass the article by regardless of it’s brilliance.

Make Your Intentions Pure

I write this SEO blog not because I secretly want people to hire SEO Wizz but because I genuinely like helping people and shedding some light on an industry that sometimes comes across somewhat mystical. If you are simply writing content for an adsense click your readers will see right through it, if you intentions are to genuinely help people or entertain people, then the rewards will flow back in your direction.

I hope these points will assist you in creating reference wrothy content and help you attract links back to your site.

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Author: Tim (257 Articles)

is the owner and editor of SEO wizz and has been involved in the search engine marketing industry for over 9 years. He has worked with multiple businesses across many verticals, creating and implementing search marketing strategies for companies in the UK, US and across Europe. Tim is also the Director of Search at Branded3, a Digital Marketing & SEO Agency based in the UK.



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