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Bounce Rates, Adwords and an Effective Content Structure

Wow this title is a bit of a handful and to be honest this post is on various different topics, however it has two main purposes and that is to give you some suggestions on reducing your bounce rates and creating brand awareness by using adwords.

We all want traffic to our blogs/sites and in the early days this can be hard to achieve in a short amount of time without paying for it, yes we can use social media traffic but if we don’t already have a popular profile we need other ways to build our name, or our brand if you have a business.

I have been experimenting over the last few months with Google Adwords, when I say experimenting I don’t mean I have never used it before I simply mean experimenting with SEO Wizz. In my early internet marketing days I used Google Adwords to make affiliate sales, however this method stopped being truly effective some years ago I gave up and and lost my “Google Professional badge”. (Just thought I’d give you a little background into my adwords experience).

I still like to keep on top of Google Adwords developments and experiment with it quite a lot. When using it with SEO Wizz, I did so with an aim of increasing awareness of my brand and not for conversions. It can sometimes feel like a waste of money when your not attempting to convert but let me finish this post before you make your mind up.

I started by targeting search traffic and switched off the content network, I found myself paying around $0.35 at the cheap end and my bounce rate was over 80%. Now I don’t want to get into a debate about bounce rate but I believe a good bounce rate is anything from 50% and below, there are some reasons why it will be higher (using stumbleupon) but I think the 50% mark is pretty good. I say it’s pretty good because at least 50% of your visitors are interacting with your material and increasing their own awareness of your presence.

(Just to clarify for anyone who may be new to this “bounce rate” is the number of visitors that enter your site and go no further than the page they landed on, most leaving after a few seconds, however some have simply found what they were looking for on that page)

Anyway I have been brainstorming ever since to try and get my bounce rate down both from adwords traffic and traffic in general. Look at my new results for the last week;

You will notice from the above 2 images that at the beginning of March I was averaging a bounce rate of between 65% – 70%, then as you watch the line, Wam in the last week the average has been 10.67%. There has been no difference in traffic quality or quantity and all of a sudden my visitors seem to be taking a little more notice of my content and services.
So let me run through how I got to this stage:-
As you will remember I have been experimenting with Adwords so my first job was to improve the quality of my traffic coming from adwords (around 50 a day). I decided to drop search and convert to placement targeted ads. I decided to target SEO blogs with adsense on and article directories in the SEO/search marketing sections. After only a day of running my placement ads on Adwords I had around 46 visitors from it and only 5 had bounced. GREAT!!! But I believe there is a really valid reason for this.
1) When people enter in a search on they are mainly looking for products or services
2) Those people who read blogs and forums are generally looking for great content
I really believe if you are trying to promote a blog or content, placement ads is the way to go, if you are looking to promote your blog then target those who love to read great content, other blogs, article directories, your competitors blogs.
Ok I have only solved half of my problem, my bounce rate is now down to around 50%, pretty good but I was determined to make it better.
Content Structure

I touched on this slightly in my post a couple of days ago about Hooks, and how to put your best bits of content right in your visitors faces, let them see what your site and content is really about.
So I started by putting my SEO tutorials in my side bar, bolded a little for added effect ::) this seemed to increase visitors to my tutorials bu my bounce rate still was around 50%, I then decided to move my best content links to the top of my landing page, (as you can see above), again I noticed more visitors to those pages and my bounce rate did reduce to around 35%-40%.
In one last push to reduce my bounce as low as possible I made the links to my content, big in your face images, hard to miss!! (Yes I optimised the alt= tag, didn’t want to miss out on a little on page SEO)
The effect was profound and my bounce rate reduced dramatically, one day it was barely 4%.
But wait the bounce rate alone was not the only improvement, visitors were visiting more pages and my subscriber list is growing daily!!! Not by writing new and innovative content but by simply optimising my content layout. Even my stumbleupon visitors bonce rates had reduced to 15% from 90%!!
How does this link to SEO?
Well it does so in two important areas:-
  • Conversion Rate
  • General Authority

Clearly if people are interacting with your content more thoroughly, you have more chance of selling your service, product or sheer talent to them.

The authority aspect is not SEO doctrine but it is a personal opinion I possess. I strongly believe if your site is indexed in Google, Google can spy on the metrics of your site. A site with a high Bounce rate can suggest a lack of quality content (we know that does not always figure, sometimes visitors find what they want on 1 page and there is no need to go much further, other times it is longtail keywords we are accidentally ranking for, there can be a whole range of reasons)

However I really do believe Google may use metrics, like bounce rate to assess a sites authority. You only need to look at some of the major sites on the net, facebook, twitter and You Tube?? How high do you think their bounce rates are??

This last bit is my own opinion but even if I am wrong a good bounce rate shows good interaction, good interaction leads to better conversions(readers) and more of these leads to more success.

Hope you all can use this info, but remember no two sites are the same, the above was research on my own blog, you have to keep tweaking and testing in order to find what works for you, the above is to set you off down the right road.

Thanks for reading.


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