Site Wide Links Count As One – Google The New SEO Tool?

Google have recently updated the way they show link data in webmaster tools.

Historically the link data they have shown has literally been a snap shot of links to any particular website, the information was pretty much useless to an SEO at any level.

However, Google have now decided to break down that link data in a logical way and early today the screen shot of your links will have been broken down into unique domains.

webmaster tools view

This is a little scary as I looked down some of my linking domains with 1 giving over 30000 thousand links, maybe this is Google’s way of saying ‘watch those site wides people’ :)

The most intriguing thing about this change is when you look a little deeper at those site wide links you have, Google is even pointing out how many pages of your site this domain points to. High volumes of links to the exact same page easily highlight manipulation techniques and makes it easy for Google to devalue these links.

linking page count

Are these links from the same domain, pointing to only one page of your site being devalued? Is this Google’s way of telling us to cut down on site wide links?

It seems that WMT is becoming more and more insightful, with click through data, anchor text distribution and performance stats.

All these small improvements leave me wondering where Google are going with this, they have the data and ability to provide more SEO related information than any of the other SEO tools out there, does this mean the end of seo tool suites like SEOmoz??

As it stands the information is not quite accurate enough to replace any of the top tools, but maybe ‘watch this space’ is an appropriate phrase to use.

Just a short post but your thoughts are appreciated.