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The End Of Google Rankings As We Know It! Rotational Rankings?

April 16, 2010

I always worry about posting new found research as some clever dick always pops up to tell you they discovered it in 1999, however I have noticed something in the rankings recently that has made me re think Google rankings. The Story OK so I decided a couple of weeks ago to rank for “SEO […]

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Is Reciprocal Link Building Worthwhile?

December 17, 2009

Anybody who knows me also knows I am the enemy of reciprocal link building, this is due to many reasons, firstly because of the lack of link juice they pass, secondly they leak PageRank unnecessarily and thirdly because many reciprocal links look like spam. HOWEVER!!!! My point of view has changed slightly, in the last […]

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5 Reasons Social Media Is Overrated

December 7, 2009

I don’t know if any of my long standing readers have noticed lately but I have been posting a lot less and my interaction on sites such as stumble, twitter and other social networks has been almost none existent. Now besides being extremely busy there are other reasons for this, the truth is social networking […]

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Number 1 On Google? Is It Really That Important?

May 24, 2009

I’ve been thinking this weekend about search engine positioning and more specifically, is it really that important to be hitting No.1? When it comes to Google and SEO it seems everyone wants to be top dog but there is a whole lot more to consider here, let me give you an example. I was window […]

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The Difference Between Google SEO and Yahoo SEO?

May 13, 2009

A question which I thought I knew the answer to is “what are the differences between Google and Yahoo SEO or search engine optimisation“? You see I have always found it easier to rank sites on Google quicker than any other search engine, especially yahoo. For instance take a look at my search engine stats […]

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SEO Analytics – How To Assess Your Search Engine Traffic

May 10, 2009

When it comes to SEO, picking keywords is important, building your content is a must and link building is the key to move up the rankings, however for full optimisation you really need to be assessing how users engage with your site and how your Google targeted SEO is performing. When you have started to […]

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SEO is a Process of Growth – Not a One Hit Wonder

May 8, 2009

Today’s post is not as “how to” as most of my other posts and is made up of my personal experience as an SEOconsultant. One thing that comes up with every client when discussing an SEO campaign, or more specifically “how to rank higher on Google”, is the concept of time. Everyone wants to know […]

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