Top Posts of 2010 – Round Up and 2011 News

Well I hope everyone has enjoyed the festivities and are looking forward to those still to come tonight!

I thought it would be a good idea to revisit posts from 2010 add a little commentary and then try to understand how it may be relevant to our SEO efforts in 2011.

As way of an overview it has been a pretty good year for the blog and here are a few stats to prove it;

259,402 – Visits

404,854 – Pageviews

144,755 – Google Organic Visitors

72 – posts

1200 – comments

Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t social blogging figures, but the promotion of SEOwizz has pretty much been SEO and think these figures are healthy considering my social disabilities.

Anyway let’s have a quick round up of these posts and then I’ll go over some possibilities for the blog in 2011…..

Anchor Text Has Lost Its Edge – Time To Build A Healthy Strong Domain, Old Techniques Are Not Going to Cut it

This was by far the most popular post of 2010 and in September it set off a bit of a stir being picked up and linked to by the biggest search authorities on the web.

The article came after some link analysis into some of the most competitive keyword targets and the sites ranking for them, it showed that sites were ranking with their homepages with little or no anchor text links or even relevant variations. The article was not meant to be scientific and was simply observations so you can imagine the ‘trolls’ jumped all over it.

Anyway, it turned out I had to retract the conclusion thanks to Google’s algo switch to show deep pages and the real reason the brand driven homepages were ranking.

Still don’t think that Brand links have no use, Google have been off the boil of late and if your a geek like me and have had your finger on the pulse over the holidays you may have noticed some significant changes in the SERP’s 🙂 .

There was another popular article on brand anchor text here.

Analytics + Optimised Content + Anchor Text Links = More Traffic

Very often in SEO we get caught up on glory terms, however in my experience they’re not that important except in a few high profile industries. It’s long tail traffic that is the real bread and butter of most websites and this article displayed a quick way of identifying opportunities and how to capitalise on them.

5 Link Building Myths You Should Ignore

Every year brings new link building techniques and the opinions that go with them, who you decide to listen to will go a long way to decide where you rank on Google.

The problem is techniques that work aren’t always what we would call ‘white hat’ and SEO’s with profiles struggle to talk about them due to unwanted Google attention, and trust me when I say even little blogs like this get unwanted attention 🙂

So whenever techniques, that could be on the dark side are discussed, it always has to be backed up with a ‘but Google will punish you’, the article above looks at some of the myths that come from this issue, my advice is simple if anyone says Google will crush you take it with a pinch of salt and always have test blogs and sites to trial new techniques.

Facebook Search – Open Graph

This was a post from my good friend David Jones discussing the possibilities of Facebook Open Graph and how it could eventually evolve to challenge Google.

Me and Dave don’t see eye to eye entirely but he raises some excellent points and as you will have seen in one of my recent posts I am too beginning to see the potential.

The End Of Google Rankings As We Know It! Rotational Rankings?

I published this soon after the WMT interface changed to show rankings, it almost seemed to show that no one site permantly ranks in the same position for a keyword, this was interesting and almost suggested some sort of rotational ranking system.

It still needs a lot more research but with suggestions of split testing and rankings based on click through rates it is hardly inconcievable.

Keyword Stuffing & Link Spam Will Make Google Love You! What Are Google Doing?

You will have probably noticed a lot of moaning from me in December about the state of the SERP’s, at least in the UK.

I am not going to proceed with 400 words on why they are still a mess because you have definitely heard enough, however I just thought I better clear something up. My gripe with the SERP’s has nothing to do with the webmasters ranking but instead is with Google because of their inconsistency.

As I said above there have been some changes in the last 5 days and I think these will roll out across more keywords into the new year, watch this space.

So there you have it, a handful of posts that got a little attention in 2010…..

As for SEOwizz…….

I have a number of plans in 2011 to spruce up the blog:-

1 – It is due a redesign, just need to finalise the brief (I use, excellent with Thesis)

2 – With over 1000 hits a day on average I have upgraded the server (apologies for the site speed over the past 6 weeks).

3 – I am playing with the idea of opening up the blog to guest posting, so if your interested drop me a line.

4 – A forum……

We have over 2000 RSS subscribers now, which isn’t massive but I do find I get a lot of emails, for that reason alone I think a forum would be a good idea?? I just need to know who would benefit from it??

So if you’re a silent reader, drop a comment below or ping me when you get chance if you would like to see a forum on SEOwizz.

If I do go ahead with it, it will be free and not open to search engines 🙂 This isn’t a way of building longtail traffic but a way of getting issues and questions out in the open, so let me know.

Ok well I think thats me done for 2010, wishing you all a prosperous 2011!!

Happy New Year!