Find Niche Keywords That Pay

One of the most fundamental aspects of SEO is being able to pick keywords that are going to give you a return on investment. Niche keywords are those with a high search volume but low competition, you can rank for these very quickly, however first you have to be sure that you are going to make a return.

Before we get into the meat of this post I want to clarify that the techniques I am going to discuss are no secret and many internet marketers use them to find niche keywords, I obviously add my own tweaks to the process as experience tells me certain figures and measurements work better.

Also let me make it clear this process is far too time consuming for optimising posts and other deep pages, this research is to use when you start a new site based around a niche topic for the sole purpose of converting the traffic.

There are two things I want to make clear in this post;

A – How to find niche keywords

B – How you can tell if a particular keyword is going to be profitable

First thing I need to stress is that if you’re thinking about targeting the ‘make money online’ sphere, forget it. I consider myself an accomplished SEO and would not even consider starting down that path for two reasons; 1) competition is fierce 2) even though I could beat them :) I think my energy is spent better elsewhere and so is yours

Some Guiding Principles

We have already established that niche keywords are those with traffic but little competition, however how on earth do we know if they will be profitable. The truth is you never actually do however there are a few things we can do to narrow down the process.

First of all any niche keywords need to be “buying keywords”, keywords that searches input in order to buy a particular product to buy. Whether you are monetising with adsense, affiliate links or actual products this principle is fundamental, if the visitor hasn’t come by way of a buying keyword they are not going to click or purchase.

So it makes sense to me, to start our search for niche keywords on sites like Ebay or the mighty Amazon, here you will find hundreds of products to target, scroll through some and then let’s move to the next step.

Using The Google Keyword Tool

Yes it’s my favourite, the good old Google Keyword Tool and we are going to use it to work out which keywords are going to give us a good profit.

Here’s a quick example on the keyword ‘bracelets’, I don’t target this niche nor do I intend to, this is simply an example.

find niche keywords

There are a couple of things you will notice from the picture and I want you to set up your keyword list in the same way.

1) Change the Match Type to Exact – This shows the amount of searches for the exact keyword on Google

2) Lose every column except the CPC price and the monthly global search

3) Order your list by the largest to the smallest search volume

4) Once this is in order download the keywords using the .csv (for excel) link

You should have a list of keywords that looks like this (You can order the columns as you wish)

niche keywords

Now what we need to do is estimate the income column.

Estimating Keyword Income

I must warn you at this point, we need to make a number of guesses and use a little math to figure out how much ranking for a particular keyword could be worth.

The only way we can work out potential income is by taking the Cost per Click into account and presume were trying to make money from adsense on our sites, this is not accurate but in my experience it is the ‘most’ accurate way to understand keyword potential.

So to do the Maths we do the following;

1) Multiply the Estimated Avg CPC by .25 – We are presuming that Google pays around 25% of the cost per click to the adsense publisher

2) Then multiply this amount by the monthly search volume

Now even if we get a no.1 ranking we are not going to take all the traffic and my experience you will only see about 35% of the traffic figure, so….

3) We multiply the amount by .35

4) Finally we multiply the running figure by .04 (This is presuming we can generate a 4% click through rate and most adsense optimised sites will exceed this percentage)

On your spreadsheet the sum will look like this;

profitable keywords

Once we tap enter it will give us a monthly income figure for the first line like so;

niche profits

That’s right people a number one ranking for the keywords bracelets could be worth about £4782.40 in adsense income or $7651.84. If you doubt that much money can be actually made ask yourself first, have you ever had a number 1 ranking in Google? For a product related keyword??

Of course the figures are not pin point accurate but I believe they give you a great idea about how profitable a niche is, this is how internet and affiliate marketers make money

Now of course you might not want to spend the next two years of your life attempting to rank for bracelets, however there are lots more keywords to go at with less competition.

niche keywords

Just look at some of the other keywords you could pursue and be ranking for in the next 6 months given the right SEO strategy.

I have not competitively analysed these keywords so I do not know what kind of competition they have, if you like the look of these keywords you will have to check out the top five on Google, below I’ll give you some guiding principles

Understanding the Competition

This is the main part people tend to get mixed up.

If you want to target a heavy niche then forget this part and just be prepared to work at it for a few years for a big return.

If you want to target lots of small niches do the following;

1) Search the chosen keyword on Google

2) Check the PageRank of the top 5 sites if any are a PageRank 4 or above move on, unless they do not use the ‘exact keyword’ in the title tag

3) Check the link popularity using yahoo links count (download the SEObook plugin SEO for Firefox) Any pages with ‘page’ link popularity of over 1000 then move on, unless the keyword is not in the title tag

What we are aiming to do here is target niches that we can rank for very quickly and start earning within 4 months, hopefully ranking in the top 5 after 6 months SEO work.

So there you have it!!!!

If you want to create a profitable niche you must first make sure the keywords are capable of pulling in the money.

Disclaimer – I have to say at this point that the above is not accurate and click value may differ depending on multiple factors, this is a system I and many other internet marketers recommend

I can’t finish this post without giving credit to the internet marketers that I know use this system.

Court and Mark at the Keyword Academy teach pretty much the same methods for locating profitable niches, they have a membership site which goes into a ton more detail, so if you are interested in this form of SEO you should check it out.

The methods I use, even though are very similar to others, differ slightly, as you do this more and more you will find out what works and what doesn’t. It can be a painful process but you make fewer mistakes the more you do it.

This is not a ‘make money online’ site

I am mindful that this sort of posts ventures into the ‘online money’ realm, I am mindful that I want SEO wizz to remain an SEO blog, however there is no getting away from the fact SEO is closely related with generating an income online. The make money arena is not for everyone, still even if you own a different sort of site this is great method of checking the potential of the keywords you are targeting.

Anyway hope everyone got something from it.

One Way Link Building – Indepth Review Of The Best Services

Let me start this post by making it clear that this is not a promotional post, there are no affiliate links in it and I will try my best not to use any promotional language.

The reviews are from my own experience as I have used the services over the past 3 months, some quite a lot longer.

The next thing I want to make clear is that this post is to help those who actively build links, if you don’t think article marketing is ethical or content distribution is a valid way of getting links then this post is seriously not for you, if you read it you may leave this blog and never return :)

One Way Link Building

I know there are quite a few “SEO” newbies that read this blog, however if you think you fully understand one way link building you can skip this section and go straight into the reviews.

One way links are those links that point back to your site without any return link the linking page.


– If I get a link from Jonny at that is a one way link.

– If I return a link to Jonny’s page that links to me this is a reciprocal link.

– If I return a link to a different page on Jonny’s domain that is what is known as a triangular link.

I hope that makes sense…

There is nothing wrong with reciprocal or triangular links as long as we keep them to a minimum, they are sometimes good to use to help a new site gain trust or strengthen an established sites link profile.

However…. One way links need to make up at least 80% of our link profile, they are given more weight from Google as a one way link is a reference without a return vote, no other reason for giving the link other than the fact you are pointing people to a great resource, apparently.

So as webmasters it is important that we start getting these one way links and doing it with the content on our own sites alone is a real pain in the a%! in fact it never really materialises for 95% of webmasters, even if their content was the best anyone could provide in that niche. I have seen so many blogs with great content, hardly being noticed online because they have failed to fully understand the concept that content is king.

Yes, content is king, but only when you use it right and posting 10 times a week is not using it right and will probably end in you getting burnt out and giving up, only to start a new blog on a new theme 3 months later making the same mistakes.

The following reviews are going to show you some great systems for generating ‘one way back links’ of course some are better than others and if you’re in an extremely low competition niche you may not even have to pay, anyway let’s kick into the meat of this post.

The Free Way

Yes if you have absolutely no competition or your competition are a few crappy little sites who don’t know what a link is then, Yes all you need is your time.

Use sites like Ezine Articles and GO Articles, to publish content in return for a link back. You can read more about article submissions in a post I published a few weeks back on ‘mass article submissions‘ and why they are not as effective as they were.

As well as publishing the odd article for a link you can also submit your site to directories (Yes this still works) and you can submit your individual blog posts to blog carnivals.

Do around a month of this and you will see a steady increase in links, and if there is little competition for your keyword you should be at least on the first page of Google.

It is so important to use your target anchor text when creating these links back to your site, however remember to mix it up using different variations. I recommend using the exact anchor text around 30% of the time, the others should be variations and/or your domain name.

Ok, let’s fly into the product reviews at last, remember these reviews are 100% genuine and designed to give you a true insight into the product and my own experience with it. The products are in no particular order; however I will tell you at the end which I use and prefer. Remember the products that will suite you will depend on your exact needs and budget.

Article Marketer

article marketer

Article Marketer is a mass distribution network that pumps your article out to thousands of ezines and their subscribers.

First thing to get out of the way is that Article Marketer has now split into to 2 different companies since October 2009, however both systems are very similar and work in a similar way.

Both Distribute Your Articles and Content Crooner send your articles out to thousands of directories and ezines.

The services cost between $30 and $40 monthly with discounts when you pay for a year or a life time membership.

Some things to keep in mind

1) Even though your articles are sent out to thousands it is not going to be published on thousands.

2) Also your article is going to be the identical content on every directory so only the strongest domains will be indexed.

3) You can typically expect to acquire between 15 – 35 back links with every article you distribute.

Who does this product suite

I would recommend this to anyone who writes one ‘quality’ article a week for distribution and when I mean quality I am talking about something worthy of a guest blog post. If you tend to write 400 word descriptive articles (like me :) ) I suggest you save your money and distribute them manually.

My Article Network

my article network

My Article Network is a similar sort of set up, however has some big differences.

First of all it has over 10,000 active blogs to publish your content on, all with separate IP’s, excellent but how is it different to article marketer and co?

My article network also gives you to tools to spin your content, basically this means you rewrite the paragraphs a few times and my article network mixes them all around to create unique articles. This means more of your articles are indexed and you get more links.

The price of the service is $47 a month, if you stop paying your articles stop being distributed and this leads us onto the negative side of my article network.

Once you have written and submitted your content, it starts to be distributed, slowly. In fact you will be lucky to get more than 3 distributions per article a day, on top of this you have no idea where the content is going to or the quality of the sites. I used Google to see how many articles were being indexed and the success rate was a little better than article marketer and co, however the blogs were slightly better quality also.

Who does it suite?

If you have a site that needs a moderate amount of link building then this could be the perfect product, I would recommend writing a few articles a week and you should be able to build between 80 – 250 back links a month, which is a nice steady rate.

Unique Article Wizard

unique article wizard

The Unique Article Wizard is hyped up something crazy, in fact in the UK we would say it’s a little too cheesy!!

Hang on though everyone, block out the cheesy hype because this product actually works and works well.

It works on the same premise as the other two products distributing your site to thousands of directories and blogs, so how does it differ??

Well it does in two ways….

1) The spinning tool and options used in this service are the best I have come across and…

2) The quality of the sites submitted to are the best I have come across in a distribution service.

I have used this product for the last 3 month and the average article generates around 300 links, I am not trying to over sell this but these are the kind of results it gives.

Does it have a downside??

Actually yes and it’s the price. Its $67 a month to use the services and this could seem kind of expensive, especially if you are creating little or no income from your site, however apart from that I see no other downsides. It really is an excellent tool.

Backlink Solutions

backlink solutions

OK we start to move into a different area of one way link building and that is with blog networks.

Backlink Solutions is a network of blogs (around 300) that will allow you to publish content on their network. Again the blogs are on differing IP’s and your snippet or article will be published at a rate of between 1 and 20 a day.

Differences to the above products

First of all the blog network is quality with some blogs boasting a PageRank of 5 and 6 (not all some are as low as 2 and 3).

The second benefit is all the blogs look and act like blogs therefore are more likely to be indexed.

The third benefit is that you only have to publish snippets of content (over 150 words) this means you get more links for less time.

Lastly they also have a tool for you to spin the content so you will get more indexed links.

The Price?

$97 Ouch – Yes but it really is worth it for all you get, the only downside apart from the price is that, some of the content does not get indexed and therefore the link building potential is limited, however you place your links within the content which looks more editorial and therefore holds more weight on Google.

Who is this for???

If you are making some good money online this is your next purchase, you can build quality links in a very small amount of time, however if you are making no money it will be difficult to justify.



Linkvana is very similar to Backlink Solutions, it has a large blog network of high PageRank blogs which you submit snippets of content to in return for a link.

The differences

– You can only submit one piece of content for 1 link

– They will only issue 2 – 5 snippets a day per domain

– You can have profiles for as many different domains as you like (even if you don’t own the domains, Backlink Solutions does not allow this)

– You can hire someone to write your content for $2 a snippet (I like this 😉 )

These differences make Linkvana a little more search engine friendly and in my opinion give you a better quality of link.

The Downsides

– You can only build 2 – 5 links a day per domain
– The price is $147 a month

Who is this for?

In my opinion linkvana is only for those who already have profitable sites or those who engage in client work and professional link building. $147 is a lot if you only have 1 or blogs that don’t really pull in any cash.

What Do I use

Before I tell you this, first understand I do a fair amount of client work.

I actually use Unique Article Wizard and Linkvana, however if I only had my own sites to worry about and not clients as well, I would use Backlink Solutions instead of linkvana.

You may want to start with the article wizard and then when you have built some income invest in one of the blog networks also.

Is this blackhat?

This is not an easy one to answer and depends on your interpretation of “blackhat SEO”.

My opinion is that it is not. Article marketing has been around before the internet was born and distributing content for a link is no different to guest posting or submitting your site to a directory.

What about spinning and submitting multiple copies of the same article

Well, effectively you are distributing different articles to different directories? What is the harm in that, you are simply making sure Google gives the content unique recognition and therefore recognises the links.

In my opinion this is not blackhat, you are not scraping content, hacking and planting hidden links, all the content is written by humans. What more do you want??

Some Important Link Building Notes

– If you have a new site start off building links slowly and gradually build up the amount.

– If you use these services I recommend submitting content no more than 30 times a day, you don’t want to get penalised for link bombing.

– Remember to mix up your anchor text, you will be penalised for building exact anchors too fact even if it is a 2 page drop for a month, do you really want to risk it?

– Write quality content and your success rate will increase, this will lead to more links for the time you spend writing.

Don’t think you can compete with those people who are using these tools, you will lose. If you care about your business you need to make some sort of investment even if it is simply your time.

I hope you found this useful and please let me know if you have any questions.

Widgets, Blog Comments and Top Commentator Links

This is the first post I have had chance to write this week as I have been working on another project which has meant a great deal of research and content creation.

For those of you who didn’t know, as well as an SEO consultant I am also pretty heavily involved in ‘niche blogging’. This basically means I rank blogs on Google to generate income through ads and affiliate links, hey once you have learnt SEO why not make some money out of it and leverage your sites?

Anyway I may talk about niche blogging in later posts and my current project is not finished therefore posting at SEOwizz is going to be down to once a week I’m afraid.

What I wanted to do today is highlight a couple of things that may be obvious to a lot of my readers but thought I would highlight it for the minority.

We all have widgets we use in the sidebars of our blogs, whether its recent comments, recent posts, popular articles, friends lists, blogrolls, rss feeds or simply ads, we all have them. All these features help our readers interact with our content and our community, however recent comments and popular posts widgets also benefit us from an SEO point of view, let me explain.

Recent Posts

Yes most of us have the recent posts widget in our sidebars acting as a site wide link to our most recent pearls of wisdom, however having them there does so much more than simply helping readers find your newest material.

A common problem many bloggers face is getting their most recent content indexed quickly, now this can be down to a lack of back links or it could be that Google does not think the new page is important enough yet.

A recent posts widget puts a link to that page on every page of your blog, what could be more important than a page with a link from every page of your blog? The page will be crawled more and therefore indexed quicker.

There is another benefit to having your recent posts displayed on every page and that is, exposure. If you don’t have a recent posts widget then your post is only displayed on your blog homepage, but what about visitors that hit deep pages? They may only read the deep page and bounce, however if your most recent posts are displayed in the sidebar there is a chance one of the titles may attract their attention and WHAM!! They click through and a bounce is saved.

I still don’t think bounce rate is a ranking factor yet but it may be one day and having a low bounce rate is good for any informational site.

Popular Posts

Again having a popular posts widget is a great way to increase interaction with your readers but it is also a great way of increasing the value of your most popular posts.

Again if your most popular posts are linked to from every page on your site, Google will index them quicker and the pages will rank higher.

So you will be getting more traffic to your cracking content via search engines and obviously more traffic to the pages by having links to them on every page of your site.

What does this mean?? Well,, your content is popular for a reason, that’s because its great!! So naturally the more people that read it the more links you will acquire, the higher rankings you will get and more visitors will keep streaming through.

So in broad terms Recent Posts + Popular Posts = More Visits, More Links, Higher Rankings, More Traffic, Lower Bounce Rates.

Dofollow Blogs

Over the past month I have been experimenting by leaving comments on dofollow blogs and getting the site wide ‘top commentators’ links that give you a link from every page. All I wanted to know was, how much value does it have as a link building method?

OK…. The first bit of news is yes the links were recognised by Google and Yes my link popularity went up around 5% from 4500 to about 4800 ish.

Did this effect rankings

NO – but let me discuss this at the end.

Did it do anything in terms of SEO

YES! I noticed a significant increase in search engine traffic, in fact one day I had 500 visits from search, 2 weeks after ‘top commentator’ links were recognised on 2 sites. Unfortunately the increase could have been caused by other factors, like link age or long tail ranking increases, however the fact it came directly after the commentator links makes me believe this had something to do with it.

Now I want to talk rankings and I want to talk about it very carefully, this due to the fact I don’t want people to rush out and spam do follow blogs.

OK…. My rankings did not increase, not even one place and I believe there are better ways to build links for rank.

Anyway, I believe do follow blogs links can be beneficial for ranks if….. You use a target anchor text.

Now I am actually going to discourage blog commenting for SEO purposes for the following reasons;

A – Only the site wide ‘top commentators’ links are really worth it

B – Commenting simply for a link decreases the value of the discussion

C – The longevity of these type of links are questionable, to say the least (The blogger could remove the link or ‘top commentators’ widget.)

D – If your link drops out of the top comments widget you have to start all over again.

Let me explain point D a little better;

If you place a load of comments on a do follow blog and get a link in the ‘top commentators’ widget then congrats you have a site wide link, however…..

Google has this little aspect of their algorithm that gives weight to the age of links, what happens if you forget to comment for a while, get knocked out of the top spots and Google crawl’s the page and your link is not there?? (Most blogs are crawled daily – well the ones worth getting these links from are)

This will mean you have to go plant a load more comments and you are right back to the beginning with Google seeing it as a fresh link, I hope you follow that.

I am not saying don’t comment at all, but only do so to add value and when you really have an interest in the conversation or topic. I wouldn’t want anyone commenting here that was doing it for a link only.

Also if you are trying to build a solid link profile, these types of links are far too risky, you could see half your link profile vanish in days given the right circumstances.

Anyway these are my observations; please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.