Embrace The Internet Or Die

OK sounds kind of dramatic right? But here’s the thing, if you are a business looking to expand or even remain profitable in your industry you need to start using the internet, you need to have business listings, SEO, an online industry presence and online solutions. If you don’t, your business is simply not going to survive.

I speak to many business owners every single week, interested in online marketing but not willing to make the investment. I try my best to convince them of the clear benefits but in their own words “they are doing OK without the Internet”. This maybe the case but if you are a business owner you seriously need to ask yourself, how much long will this last?

It was reported last week that search grew a massive 45% in 2009 with 131 billion searches in December 2009 alone. This is huge and it shows absolutely no signs of stopping.

If you are from the UK and thinking search is a US based phenomena, please think again. In Dec 2009 there were 13.3 billion searches in the US, however in the UK with a population nearly 4 times smaller than the US we nearly hit half the amount of searches the US had at 6.2 million and this figure is sure to rise significantly in 2010. Also let’s not forget Google’s 80 plus percent search share at this point.

Offline Marketing Will Eventually Die

It is true, more and more people are gaining access to the internet. If you are a local tradesman, advertising in the local yellow pages or Thomson directory is simply not going to be enough, if I need a plumber I hit Google! Along with thousands of others every single month, let’s just put this into perspective.

Are you a plumber?

– 201000 ‘exact’ searches on Google every month, not including other related terms such as “corgi plumbers” or “emergency plumber”.

Are you an accountant?

– 246000 ‘exact’ searches on Google every month, again not including “accountancy services”, “chartered accountants”, “accounting services”.

OK what about if you simply sell tyres?

– 550000 ‘exact’ searches on Google every month, “budget tyres” = 27000 : “car tyres” = 30000: “tyres online” = 27100!!!!!!!!

If you are not targeting this market not only are you missing out but you will eventually get out done by the competition that is willing to invest now.

The Time Is Now

As I have previously stated this is a super fast growing market place that I believe will eventually consume most industries. Despite this many industries have not yet reacted to changing times, this is why it is important to start now.

If you simply don’t have the time to learn and implement, then my advice is hire someone who can help you, a reputable online marketing firm.

This is not a sales pitch; it is a call to action. React or get left behind, it really is that simple.