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Embrace The Internet Or Die

January 25, 2010
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OK sounds kind of dramatic right? But here’s the thing, if you are a business looking to expand or even remain profitable in your industry you need to start using the internet, you need to have business listings, SEO, an online industry presence and online solutions. If you don’t, your business is simply not going […]

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Blogger or WordPress? Which is More SEO Compatible

May 18, 2009

This post comes out of my own experience and has been prompted by a fellow blogger at Web Development. I am in the middle of a serious redevelopment of my site which will soon be going from the Blogger platform to WordPress and paid hosting. The reason is nothing to do with Blogger and SEO […]

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The SEO and Social Media Mix

May 5, 2009

My background is SEO, I am not a social genius nor do I profess to be, but I have to admit the strong impact social media can have on search engine optimisation. In today’s climate marketers are been pushed more and more to increase performance on fewer resources, this is exactly why more companies are […]

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Google SEO Ranking Myths

May 4, 2009

In my last post I discussed the main seo factors linked with ranking high on Google. Even though I did not cover all the factors I believe I added the ones you really need to worry about, however there are claims of different ranking factors, ones that I strongly disagree with and in today’s post […]

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Google Anchor Power – Warning! This Goes Against Fundamental SEO Principles

April 22, 2009

I don’t know if anyone remembers but a few months ago I wrote about an SEO Company National Positions. The post was building on an article by Rand at SEOmoz. The article slammed National Positions for using “manipulative” SEO techniques in order to rank high for the keyword “seo company”. (By the way companies using […]

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Blog Optimization – 4 Steps To Post Optimization

March 9, 2009

I have had a few emails concerning my recent post about blog titles and implementing search engine optimization techniques. People have been asking for more info on how I go about optimizing my blog and each of my blog posts. The simple answer to the question “how exactly do you optimize each blog post?” is; […]

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SEO Consultant Review – Learn From Experts

February 24, 2009

One of my recent posts “A few SEO issues” didn’t seem to find favour with some people. I received positive and negative feedback on it and as an SEO consultant I have to show what my thoughts and opinions are based on to try and defend myself. I am not usually the sort to share […]

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