Related Results Showing at the Top of SERPs???

Are we all enjoying the Google roller-coaster over the last couple of months?

Places nightmare?

Deep page prominence?

And now we have Google pushing the organic results even further down the priority pile, showing related results at the top of the SERPs just below the sponsored listings!!

This was carried out using Google Chrome Incognito window

related search terms

Not only are they showing the terms but they are breaking it up into ‘Brand’, ‘Stores’ and ‘Types’. This is going to have a serious impact on anyone ranking for the broad term perfume.

We have also seen the above on the keywords ‘flights’ and ‘cars’ , however we didn’t snap it and it went away :(

It shows real intent by Google to steer people away from spammy results and direct them to the brand/product specific terms.

Roll on 2011!!