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A Guide To Article Marketing

February 10, 2009

As SEO‘s we already know that article marketing is a common method of building those all important one way links back to our pages. It is also used as an efficient method of building relevant traffic. Article marketing and other forms of content distribution can, if done correctly, make a massive contribution to the link […]

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Link Building – The Best Method

February 4, 2009

We all know that one of the biggest challenges of SEO is link building. We are encouraged by Google to build natural links by creating quality linkable content. This is great if you have a blog as you are constantly up dating your content and adding new and insightful information. You can also inject some […]

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How To Use Article Marketing For SEO Purposes

January 28, 2009

As an SEO consultant I do a lot of reading and one of the things I happened to stumble upon recently was a comment that article marketing is a waste of time. I have a big problem with this comment for 2 reasons. – It is completely false – The person who made the comment […]

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Internet Marketing Consultants

December 27, 2008

When you are thinking about internet marketing consultants what springs to mind first of all? PPC advertising, seo work, search mareketing, email marketing, linking strategies? The truth is they all should be part of an internet marketing consultants tool box. The difference between an seo consultant and an internet marketing consultant is that an internet […]

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Affordable Search Engine Optimization

December 22, 2008

My first thoughts when starting this site were to make make available affordable search engine optimization. You see there are many SEO companies out there who specialize in optimization, they promise you a high page rank, and a monthly rate for doing SEO basics, like building links and optimizing content. In my opinion yes search […]

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