Links Do Not Have To Be Indexed To Count!

When I hear things in the SEO or internet marketing industry I always like to check them out for myself. I am a typical questioner, despite the authority of the source I have to go out there and trial it anyway, this is sometimes a good thing and a bad thing.

I have always been a stronger believer that the only links that can possibly send weight are those that are indexed. If Google doesn’t index a page surely it can’t possibly consider any of the links on it are valuable right? Well my opinion is, WRONG!
Links that Google finds but decides not to index definitely count, in fact I strongly believe you can rank a site based on these type of links.

Take a look at your webmaster tools, are all the links Google is finding indexed?

webmaster indexed

no index page

As you can see I have 🙂

Ok Ok, so what if webmaster tools are showing links that aren’t indexed? This proves nothing.

Time to take it to the next level then, I don’t like outing sites for using dodgy techniques, as long as the techniques aren’t outright spam I commend them.

Anyway, without giving the website away I’ll give you some basic info, I am sure if you do a little investigation you’ll find the site, anyway here we go.

On there is a site ranking on the first page for the keyword ‘lawyer’, the site isn’t much to look at but it wasn’t there 6 months ago and the link profile is limited to say the least.

Let’s take a look at the links doing a search on open site explorer;

opensite links

Around 80% of the link profile is made of links just like this, profile links, bio links, signature links.

Don’t get me wrong links like this are no secret, I have built a number myself and ranked sites using them, however it makes a total mockery of the statement ‘Google doesn’t count none indexed links’.

Now I am not suggesting for a second that you should build a link profile based on un-indexed links, however if you need to build up anchor text then why not get them from wherever you can? If a webmaster can rank for the keyword ‘lawyer’ using these type of links you can literally use them to rank for anything.