What Is Your Deep Linking Strategy?

I often discuss the benefits of building links to deep pages, not only does it increase the overall authority of your domain but it also gives deep pages a better chance of ranking.

If you target keywords in your deep pages using the technique I discussed in a post about longtail optimisation, then building links to deep pages will only increase your rank therefore increasing traffic.

If you have read the first 2 lines of this post and are thinking there is no value to deep page optimisation then you are massively mistaken. I get around 8000 – 10000 visitors a month from search engines and 40% go to deeper pages I have optimised for certain keywords, if you want a high traffic website with maximum visibility and conversions, then you need a deep link building strategy.

Building links to deep pages is going to take time, however it is worth it, below is a list of techniques I use to gain deep links;

Write Viral Content

First and foremost whatever you write needs to be link worthy, visitors that read need to motivated to share it and link to it. Write something controversial, something news breaking or an interesting research piece, check out my article on creating link worthy content.

An important aspect to all of this is making sure your visitors can easily share the content.

Social Media

Kind of following on from the last point, social media is a big part of getting links to deep content, not only will you get links from people who read your content but will also get links from digg, stumble and twitter etc….

I have to say that links from social sites are not as powerful in terms of ranking; however it can still suggest a page is popular and give it a PR boost.

Blog Carnivals

Many webmasters have stopped using them and that is a real shame, as they are not only a good source of links but also assist in producing great resources. Submit your articles to relevant carnivals and you will receive strong links back to the deep pages of your site; this is a technique I have often used and have had great success with.


Yes, article marketing still works and why not use them to link to the deeper pages of your site. The best type of directories are ones that allow links in the content. Check out goarticles and a blog directory I like to use My Article Network.

Again these are not the most powerful links but you have the added value of being able to anchor the linking text.

Internal Linking

Yes links from your own pages do count and if you use your anchor text smartly they can actually be quite powerful. I like to use a related posts plugin which naturally links up pages but often refer back to posts from more recent content, always anchored with a target key phrase.


Use these free platforms to create snippets of your posts and link back to them again anchored with the target keyword. I use this sparingly and not for every post as it can look a little spammy, however if you have a post that is already ranking and needs an added boost, go for it.

Reciprocal Linking

If you are a regular SEO wizz reader you will know I am not a big fan of reciprocal links; however I have found them to be beneficial on deeper pages. When you write about a subject, search the web for something similar, another webmaster may agree to exchange links if the two pieces of content complement each other.

My usual strategy is – Write something link worthy (when I can) – Share it – Write an Article – Submit to a blog carnival. I have over 50 internal pages that are PR2 and above which I have gained by using the methods I have explained.
Try it you might be surprised.