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Google Updates Becoming More Frequent & Links Are Counting Sooner Rather Than Later?

February 10, 2011

After all the shouting last year about the state of the SERP’s it seems, as predicted, Google have started this year with a bang, updates and fluctuations in the SERP’s are becoming much more frequent and maintaining top rankings for any sustained period is becoming more difficult. I personally track around 25 competitive terms and […]

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Visualising & Understanding Where You Need To Build Links

February 6, 2011

If you’re anything like me you will have been in a position hundreds of times, where you a trying to rank for a given keyword and no matter what you do, you cannot break into that top 5 or hit that first position. Part of you says ‘just keep going & build more links’, however […]

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Build Links Faster For Better Rankings – Possible ‘Freshness’ Algorithm

January 17, 2011

Well it’s been a crazy start to 2011 but I thought it was about time to update you with something I am finding is working really well, it also goes against conventional link building advice. Much has been said about link building rates in the past and the fact a huge spike in your links […]

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Relevancy and Creating A Defensible Profile

October 21, 2010

I get a lot of emails every week about various SEO related issues, so much so that I am considering launching a forum in 2011 so the readership as a whole can benefit from the queries and subsequent answers. One question that has been raised multiple times this week is the issue of relevancy; “Do […]

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Use Open Site Explorer To Exploit Your Competitors Hard Work

April 7, 2010

Before you begin any SEO campaign there are a few things you really need to think about, one of them is “who are my competition?”. If you intend to compete in a certain market you need to firstly be clear about your keywords and secondly clear about your competition, or more importantly what your competition […]

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Using Exact Match Domains to Targeted Traffic

March 28, 2010

Recently at Branded3 we have been experimenting with exact match domains and exploring opportunities to increase relevant and hopefully profitable traffic. I don’t know how much experience you have had in trying to register these types of domains or attempting to rank them but it is really really easy and you will be surprised how […]

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Building Links Using Fresh Techniques

March 17, 2010

When you deal with link building day in day out you really begin to notice even the smallest changes in Google’s algorithm. Just before Christmas site wide links seemed to be giving some real pull, then there were the in content gems that seemed to instantly increase ranking. However, in my opinion Google has switched […]

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