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How To Optimize Your Blog

April 9, 2009

The post title for this may be slightly misleading, you see I am not going to go over the usual “make sure your title headings Meta’s” are targeted for SEO.. In stead I want to go through some ways to utilise your blog in order to create peak performance. So yes we are going to […]

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SEO Claims? There Sometimes Not What They Seem…

March 11, 2009

I have been getting a number of spam like comments over the past couple of months from 1 source. I say spam comments because each one is almost identical and completely generic. Let me give you an example:- “What an amazing resource! this article is just what I have been looking for.Thanks for posting.” “Wow, […]

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Professional Seo Consultant – What You Should Expect

January 6, 2009

It can be frustrating as a professional seo consultant seeing so much low quality competition out in the market place that cause unsuspecting customers to pour money into the hands of someone who knows very little about search engine optimisation. You see there are professional seo sites being advertised on Adwords that offer you the […]

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Internet Marketing Consultants

December 27, 2008

When you are thinking about internet marketing consultants what springs to mind first of all? PPC advertising, seo work, search mareketing, email marketing, linking strategies? The truth is they all should be part of an internet marketing consultants tool box. The difference between an seo consultant and an internet marketing consultant is that an internet […]

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