Deep Page Power! Just What are Google up to?

In terms of search engine optimisation your homepage has always stood more chance of ranking for any given term, if you wanted to compete on a competitive term your home page or top level domain was always the place to get the ball rolling.

Late last night I noticed something interesting in the SERPS which was subsequently tweeted out by Patrick Altoft this morning, it seems that Google is giving deep pages a ranking boost based on their relevance;

deep page rankings

The keyword car insurance, apart from the odd domain, has been dominated by home pages, now it looks like Google is been much pickier about the pages it is showing to users.

On the face of it, it seems like Google is looking at the domain as a whole and analysing;

1 – What is the general theme of the site

2 – How much link authority is there to the domain as whole

3 – Which page on the site is the most relevant to the query

If this is an approach Google is going to adopt long term then this will surely have ramifications on link building efforts, where do you build the links to?

If you scan the link profiles of the above pages there are very few links to them at all, however when you look at the domain as a whole there are loads of links, optimised and pointing to a whole range of pages on the domain.


Don’t just think this is an issue in the car insurance industry, it’s been rolled out on multiple keywords, I have found 10 different ones so far showing this kind of result.

So what does this mean for our link building?

Well, it’s too early to say just yet but the indications are that to rank for any given term your site must be an authority on a domain level and not just a loaded home page.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts….