Google SERPS – An Absolute Disgrace, Just Ask GHD!

All my regular readers will no doubt be aware of my current issues with Google and the results they are bringing up at the moment.

In my opinion the results have rarely been as polluted as they are right now, across the board keyword stuffing, automated links, comment spam and black hat redirects have taken over the landscape, topping results in some of the most competitive industries.

Google have come forward and admitted they have ‘taken their eye off the ball‘ but when a spam result begins to dominate a brand term then you know something is seriously wrong.

Just this morning Patrick highlighted a result for ‘GHD’:

ghd spam

Thats right not the brand website but a keyword stuffed, link spammed fake! On page tactics from 10 years ago and a link profile even worse, yet it is still dominating a brand term.

Over the last 1 – 2 months I have become extremely worried about the SERP’s, Google has always sufferred with spam but has generally been on the ball part from the odd slip.

Christmas time is a competitive season and consumers are looking to find the most relevant sites and make genuine purchases, Google are doing nothing to help them here.

How long will this go on for?