Build Links Faster For Better Rankings – Possible ‘Freshness’ Algorithm

Well it’s been a crazy start to 2011 but I thought it was about time to update you with something I am finding is working really well, it also goes against conventional link building advice.

Much has been said about link building rates in the past and the fact a huge spike in your links could suggest manipulation and therefore get you penalised, however much of what I am seeing is suggesting the polar opposite.

So just to clarify many SEO’s including myself have advised natural link growth;

natural link profile

Some recent link building experience goes totally against this theory suggesting that links that come through in mass, in a short space of time have a better impact on rankings than ones that are developed over time.

I have seen this play out on multiple client websites and carried out a little test just after new year.

  • 2 websites
  • 2 optimised internal pages targeting the same keyword
  • 10 links built from the same blogs to each site

I used 10 blogs on a network I own to write a post for each site on every blog. Each had the same anchor text links the only difference was I built Site A’s links over 14 days and Site B’s in 24 hours. Both sites had 0 links before this and were registered last October to target similar niches.

Here are the results;

link building results

Think you can guess which day I put site B’s links live? That’s right day six and on day 7 it jumped into the top 50 of the SERP’s leaving Site A behind.

(Sorry I can’t divulge the sites or linking sites, they are part of a network of sites I’d rather keep secret)

There seems to be a ‘freshness’ algorithm in play, Google rewarding links and anchor text that seem to mimic a viral nature.

I am probably going to get slammed for not divulging the sites but I work with this stuff everyday, if you don’t believe me it doesn’t cost much to test it :)

If you want some serious increases in rank try saving your links up and setting them live within 48 hours.