How Will The ‘Farmer’ Update Impact Your Links

All the recent commentary surrounding Google’s most recent Farmer Update has been firmly focused on what content will and won’t be in Google’s index in the coming months.

Websites are already reporting drops in traffic and in indexed pages but to be honest how many pages an article site has indexed isn’t important to me, what is important is the links on those sites.

Just about every website on the net relies on links from content networks, whether they be from article directories, news websites and press release sites, sure thoseĀ links aren’t the most powerful but my bet is the anchor text within them still passes a fair bit of weight.

A Few Coincidences?

After talking to a few fellow SEO’s I have come acrossome s interesting stories:-

A) 2 Niche webistes that solely rely on links from ezine articles & go articles dive bombed out of the SERP’s for keywords they have ranked for nearly 18 months.

B) A 6 month old blog linked to from 50 different blogs in 24 hours with the same anchor text didn’t see any increase in rank. All the blogs used to link from were typical low quality content driven blogs, before Christmas this would definitely have had an impact.

What Does This Mean?

The truth is I am not 100% sure yet, my gut feeling is a lot of these low quality blogs, news release sites and article directories will pass very little link weight moving forward. It’s too early to tell for definite but all the indications are pointing firmly at a devaluation of fresh links from low quality content networks.

If you were under the impression that these links never worked, you are wrong, I have achieved super quick rankings on decent keywords in less than a month using this exact method, as recent as December 2010.

I know the update hasn’t, or doesn’t seem to have hit the UK yet but I would be interested to hear any stories of devalued links.