Using Exact Match Domains to Targeted Traffic

Recently at Branded3 we have been experimenting with exact match domains and exploring opportunities to increase relevant and hopefully profitable traffic.

I don’t know how much experience you have had in trying to register these types of domains or attempting to rank them but it is really really easy and you will be surprised how many keyword rich domains there are still left to register.

Now don’t get me wrong you are going to be hard pressed to land high traffic exact match domains, as most have been snapped up on all extensions, however with some good keyword research you should be able to register some longer tail “relevant” keywords that can help bring instant traffic to your site.

So here is a quick image to demonstrate a little:-

exact domain matching

Ok let’s map this out a little better then.

How do I find the keywords?

I would do this using the google keyword tool, switching the results to exact match. You only really want to be registering a keyword as a domain if it has 300 searches per month or more.

Do I redirect the domain?


You need this domain to rank in its own right, only 301 a domain if you want to pass on its link juice or if it has a lot of brand search. This method is for quick rankings and quick traffic.

Use a similar template to your site and fill it with some unique content optimised and linking back to your main site.

How long will this take to rank? Is it really worth it?

First of all if you didn’t know already, exact domains are so easy to rank for the keyword they are targeted to;

Let me share with you a classic example:- is a domain Branded3 registered about 2 weeks ago, where do you think the domain is ranked now with 2 links??

Take a look:-

ppc agencies

That is 3rd position by the way :p

Now don’t get me wrong this keyword is not a huge traffic keyword but if we get it to No.1 we will see 500-750 visits per month for $10 and 2 links!!

Will it not take too long to set up multiple domains??

Again, No…

I personally would head over to hostgator, open up an account to host multiple domains and point my new registered domains there.

Then all you need to do is add wordpress (or whatever CMS you use) upload the template and create one page of content.

Then repeat..!

If you have a brand new site this is one of the easiest ways to generate very quick traffic and so easy to do. One word of warning is not to do too many of these if your site is a new born, you don’t want to make it look like you’re developing a link network, however still register some of your main keyword domains to add over time. 3 domains should be ok to start with and then build it up over time.

One question I am always asked is “does the domain extension matter? ie , .com , .org , .net????

Absolutely not, if you have the exact domain and know how to build a handful of quality links then a top 3 ranking is almost guaranteed.