So You Want To Be An Authority Blogger?

I am an SEO at heart, I love the internet and Google and the way in which anyone, even those of us with limited means, can promote our products, services and even ourselves.

One of the key concepts of being successful online is understanding how to become authoritative in your given industry, how are you going to gain trust and convey your expertise.

The Main Problem

One of the main issues with today’s blogging world is duplicate information, blogs that simply publish the exact same news over and over and over again. No new angles, no new points of view, no unique news, research or scandal, simply rewrapped, duplicate content that you can read on hundreds of other sites.

Many people read authority blogs such as Copyblogger and Problogger and basically re-report the content from various posts.

If you want to stand out, if you want to be a better blogger and become an authority resource you cannot simply copy your way to the top.

Just to make myself totally clear on this point, many top bloggers have taken certain actions which have lead to their success, however I am specifically talking about their content, their articles and their news. Copying a success strategy is different to being one of the many online echoes.

You Don’t Need To Be Einstein To Build Trust and Authority

So you have an area of expertise, you offer services or a product, maybe you simply want to display your knowledge in a given area?

It is important to remember that you’re not going to do yourself any favours by making yourself sound smart, bare with me here.

I learnt a really important lesson at University through 2 separate experiences;

1) When I initially put an essay together I would try my best to make it as complex and professional as possible, using big words, complex theories and long winded paragraphs. My results were average to say the least and I was shocked considering the effort that had gone in. I later had a meeting with my tutor who explained that I was trying so hard to make my piece of work authoritative that I was missing out on some plain and simple principles, I changed my approach and attempted to make my work as straightforward and logical as possible, this did the trick and my grades started to increase.

2) As you will probably know you attend endless seminars at University and you always had your favourite teachers. Surprisingly the most popular teachers were not always the teachers with the most authority in a particular area; the best teachers were those who could convey complex principles in a simple way. Seminars that involved a tutor who had this skill were packed with students where as the others were made up of 4-5 students.

My point? Just because you have expertise in a given area your aim is not to baffle your readers with your extreme abilities and knowledge, visitors come to learn and most are not going to have such focused knowledge in your area of expertise, if you want to be an authority in a given area you have to learn to speak to the masses and not just the few people who are on the same level as you.

When was the last time you read blogs like Problogger and thought to yourself “wow that was deep, I’m confused”? Not very often I am imagining and that is because the articles generally speak to the masses. Do you think Problogger would have 100,000 subscribers if all the info was so complex only the top bloggers could really understand it?

Some More Points On Being An Authority

Never dismiss an idea for a post without thinking it through– Many times we have things on our mind that we dismiss, thinking “everybody knows this”, well sometimes they don’t, sometimes the things that seem simple to you are not so simple to others, so be open minded about your topics.

Stand up for yourself– Many follow the crowd either because it is easier or because they are afraid to say what they really believe. If you don’t agree with a specific point then say so, you are never going to stand out if you are travelling in the same direction as everyone else, plus you never know, once you voice your opinion other’s may gain the courage to follow.

Research your industry– No this does not mean re report from other authority blogs, but do research the points these blogs make, add your own personal twist to concepts and practices.

It’s not easy standing out in a world full of experts but whether you’re a blogger, marketer or other online business owner you need to put yourself out there and you are not going to do it by being the same as everyone else.