New WordPress Online Backup Plugin

OK it’s not often I recommend systems or tools on SEOwizz and I have to admit this tool has been developed by a client I am currently working with, however this is a plugin every wordpress blogger should consider installing.

With the recent WordPress down time scare, it is obvious backing up all that precious content is a worthwhile exercise and before now it has consisted of emailing files to yourself every night or every week if you have a smaller blog.

Backup technology a client of Branded3 and an enterprise online backup company have just launched an WordPress Backup Plugin, which makes backing up your information easy and reliable.

Not only does the plugin have an easy to use interface but it also allows you 50 MB of space, 100% free of charge.

wordpress backup plugin

You can set the plugin to backup your information on auto pilot daily or whenever you want, it saves you time and of course it’s free.

Even if you don’t want to set up the scheduling you can still have backup on demand!

If you use wordpress you should definitely try this one out.

Download it here: WordPress Online Backup Plugin