Analytics + Optimised Content + Anchor Text Links = More Traffic

Yes the title sounds obvious right? Of course optimised content and traffic equate to more traffic duh! But where do analytics fit in?

Well I have banged on enough about long tail keywords on this blog but guess what? I am going to do it again as this is a really simple technique for increasing traffic almost immediately by doing a little research in your own analytics.

So enough talking head over to your Google analytics and get your last month’s worth of keyword data. This will show you all the results you were found on over the course of the month but we need to do something a little extra before we begin to dig a little deeper.

Scroll to the analytics filter below the keywords;

Analytics keyword filter

Select advanced filter and choose visits. What we want to do is check out visits that brought us 20 visits or less over the month. These will probably be very long tail keywords that we rank for and with a little bit of tweaking we can increase traffic on them.

Let me go through an example, I have filtered the results on SEO wizz and have come up with the following;

keyword filter result

Like most people long tail keywords drive around 60% of my total search traffic, as I look down the list one immediately stands out;

seo content writing

A quick rank check on an incognito window shows I rank 4th for the term “writing seo content”, I am probably only receiving around 5% of the traffic on this keyword and with a little optimisation I can probably rank second or first, remember there is a huge difference between ranking first and anywhere below;

search share on google

Information from SEOmoz’s recent post;

As you can see ranking second will double my traffic on this keyword and ranking first will increase it nearly 9 times!!! So I currently get 19 visits but can probably add 20 to that a month with 30 minutes worth of work. If I carry out this sort of optimisation on all long tail keywords I can probably increase traffic from 5749 to 40,000 a month.

Now don’t get me wrong this is very labour intensive but just imagine the benefit if you do a couple of hours per week? You could be increasing your traffic significantly every month. Next steps?

Find the keywords > Optimise the page > Fire a few internal links with anchor text > Fire a few external links with anchor text!!……. Easy :)

Just a quick note to everyone that has emailed me in the last few weeks, I have been run off my feet at branded3 hence the lack of responses; however I still love you and will reply asap.