Pricing an online marketing campaign differs depending on a number of factors including, strength of competition, key performance indicators and work needed to achieve results.

The below prices are simply examples from our experience of what you will be looking to pay for various services.

SEO Projects

An SEO project would usually include;

– Analytics Set Up
– Keyword Research
– Search Engine Compatability Testing
– Competition Analysis
– Link Analysis
– Structured Link Building
– On page optimisation
– Reporting

Projects of this nature would usually cost between £3000 – £6000, again depending on competition and work needed. Campaigns usually last for 4 months.

Link Building

We do offer single link building campaigns and the link building needed will depend again on competition and industry.

We have a strong focus on quality and enhancing your link profile rather than building bulks of worthless links. An average link building campaign costs between £1800 – £3000, this would last around 3 months with reports issued monthly.

Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click

Our search marketing campaigns focus on Google Adwords and creating a hand crafted search marketing strategy for your business. Your campaign will be dealt with by a human being and customised to the requirements of your business.

A typical campaign will consist of;

– Full set up including conversion tracking, ad copy and keyword research.
– Optimisation of campaign, adcopy, keywords and landing pages
– Management of account and optimisation of conversion rates

Everything we do is with quality in mind. Campaigns with an advertising budget of £2000 pm or less will be set up for £500 and managed for a monthly fee of £250.

Advertising budgets in excess of £2000 pm will have an increased fee depending on the exact budget.

If after reading this you think it sounds expensive, you have to understand how many hours of work go into a quality online marketing campaign. Cheap services only exist for consultants and companies that do half a job or sometimes not even that.

Please contact us to get further information.