Search Engine Marketing

SEO wizz offers search engine marketing management, which consists of setting up, optimising, managing and monitoring your pay per click campaign on Google Adwords to ensure profitable keywords are maximised and slow keywords are replaced with new prospects.

Search marketing campaigns are a simple enough concept but managing a campaign effectively is a daily task, let us take care of this for you and reduce your cost per click and your cost per conversion. This gives you time to do what you really need to, grow and enhance your business.

Here at SEO wizz we are committed to optimising your campaign and increasing your return on investment by managing a ‘slick’ campaign. Pay per click is one of the most efficient forms of online marketing, allowing you to only pay for those visits who actually click through to your site. We use our expertise to make your ads and landing pages as relevant as possible and increase your click through rates, this in turn reduces your ad costs and makes your campaign more profitable.

We believe strongly in the power of long tail keywords, these are keywords that are used less and therefore cost less per click, however if implemented effectively can provide you with an unparalleled return on investment.

Please contact us today, to find out how we can enhance your campaign.