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Why Article Marketing Works and Can Be Used as Part of A Legitimate SEO Strategy

August 27, 2011

I have decided to write this post in direct response to the recent White Board Friday over at SEOmoz, I agree with some of the advice given but I think it was put across in the wrong way. The post basically portrayed article spinning & mass article distribution as a ‘scummy’ strategy and condemned all […]

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Why Link Wheels Can Dodge Google Filters and Stand the Test of Time

August 1, 2011

After watching a recent video on Shoemoney and reading a rather excellent article on SEOmoz by Justin, I felt inspired to talk about a subject that everyone seems to dance around… Link Wheels, do they work? Don’t they? How can Google filter them. Shoemoney interviewed one of the guys from Link Wheelers making some pretty […]

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How Rogue SEO Companies Systematically Destroy Online Businesses

July 24, 2011

This isn’t something I like writing about but the fact is a lot of so called SEO companies are defrauding their clients, misleading, mis selling and flat out lying most of the time. I am not going to name the SEO company in question but you can be assured they appear in the top 5 […]

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Was City Visitor Crushed By Panda?

July 12, 2011

After reviewing some of clients traffic this morning we came across an interesting trend. Most people in the SEO field understand how powerful links on City Visitor are but they also know how much traffic they can potentially drive, especially from local terms. Now I have no qualms with the links, they still work well […]

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Dominate More Rankings With Effective Online Site Hubs

July 8, 2011

First of all let me apologise for the lack of activity on here recently, life is pretty busy at the moment and despite having lots to say the blog has had to take a back seat, however over the last month a lot has happened in the world of search, therefore lots to talk about. […]

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Using the Cross Domain Rel Canonical as an SEO Weapon

May 25, 2011

We’ve known since 2009 that Google fully supports the cross domain rel=canonical and more recently it has transpired that the canonical may be faster and more effective than a 301, the traditional way for SEO’s to point the right link juice at the right places. Seriously, there are a number of ways this can be […]

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One Month After Panda, Some Things To Think About

May 13, 2011

So it’s been around a month since Panda hit the UK and even though there has been plenty of commentary around it I think it’s a good idea to go through some findings, I have seen the analytics of over 20 hit websites now and even though there is no clear answer yet there a […]

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