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Google Shows Search Results Not Searched For???!!

January 13, 2010

OK I’m going to let you know early on that this is a little bit of a rant. Sorry You see SEO changes all the time, something that worked 6 months ago rarely works now, link building methods consistently have to be changed in order to maximise your campaign. I love SEO just because of […]

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Using Adwords To Promote Your Blog

January 11, 2010

So many bloggers think they can simply put a blog together, submit to a handful of social sites and loads of traffic will come piling in, as I have said many times before this is not accurate. If you are a blogger and you’re serious about making a living from blogging, then you have to […]

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How To Rob Your Internet Business Of Quality Time

January 8, 2010

When we first start out with our internet businesses it is very hard to prioritise different tasks that need to be complete. Do we build links? Write content? Spend time in social sites? Advertise? Optimise conversions? The truth is at some point you will probably need to do all those things, however working online has […]

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New Year, New Challenges, New Goals, New Design!!

December 30, 2009

OK lets address the first issue, SEO wizz grew up! Yes I was up until 4 am this morning with David from Quixotic Media cleaning up the last few bits of the design. I know many of my readers use the thesis theme and if you want a top notch design for a reasonable fee […]

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Why Is SEO Always Free?

November 12, 2009

I guess it is the way of cyber space, everything must be free otherwise it’s not worth bothering with. It is a fact that there is a lot of information online and more specifically a lot of quality information; however does that mean you can find everything you need to know about SEO free? Well […]

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The Threefold Mission of Search Engine Optimisation

November 8, 2009

A question that is often debated is “What is SEO?”, many think it’s about creating keyword optimised pages, others think it’s about creating Google friendly site architecture, you have those who think it’s all about quality content and those who think it’s all about links. Whilst all of the above are valuable SEO techniques, none […]

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A Few Things To Shout About

October 23, 2009

As you will notice by the title this is a 100% non-optimised blog post, I decided there were some things that have happened on this blog and in the wider community that you will probably be interested in reading about this weekend. I try to make most of my SEO posts as informative and instructive […]

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