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Brand Anchor Text Fails! Google Lift The Veil!

November 23, 2010

Many of you will remember the article I released on brand anchor text and how I thought it was playing a role in rankings, plus I insinuated that over optimised link profiles were been filtered to give a more natural look to the SERPs? Well it seems I was wrong and anchor text is still […]

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Keyword Stuffing & Link Spam Will Make Google Love You! What Are Google Doing?

November 14, 2010

The new features Google introduce have been coming thick and fast, previews is live in the UK now, does nothing from an SEO point of view but could effect CTR, places is still running despite the ugly lay out and a floating map down the left disguising the cheap clicks, brand ‘related results’ is slowly […]

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Related Results Showing at the Top of SERPs???

November 8, 2010

Are we all enjoying the Google roller-coaster over the last couple of months? Places nightmare? Deep page prominence? And now we have Google pushing the organic results even further down the priority pile, showing related results at the top of the SERPs just below the sponsored listings!! This was carried out using Google Chrome Incognito […]

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Have Google Scrapped Their Local Listing Algorithm? How Will Google Places Produce Results?

November 2, 2010

The hype surrounding integrated local results is just about dieing down, however it has left a large amount of businesses who don’t have a physical address in multiple locations, wondering how they are going to maintain rankings for local results. Directory style websites that used to lap up geo targeted terms will now find their […]

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Deep Page Power! Just What are Google up to?

October 29, 2010

In terms of search engine optimisation your homepage has always stood more chance of ranking for any given term, if you wanted to compete on a competitive term your home page or top level domain was always the place to get the ball rolling. Late last night I noticed something interesting in the SERPS which […]

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Site Wide Links Count As One – Google The New SEO Tool?

October 14, 2010

Google have recently updated the way they show link data in webmaster tools. Historically the link data they have shown has literally been a snap shot of links to any particular website, the information was pretty much useless to an SEO at any level. However, Google have now decided to break down that link data […]

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Backing Up The Brand – Are Over Optimised Link Profiles A Barrier To Top 5 Rankings?

September 19, 2010

Well it seems like my last article caused a bit of a scare and sent shivers down the spines of link buyers everywhere No, but seriously it had over 10,000 hits last week and was reported in all the right places, however there was the odd murmur labelling the article unreliable and structured poorly. They […]

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