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As you may have seen in the footer, my name is +Tim Grice and I have been working in search marketing for nearly 8 years now either as a consultant or as part of an agency team. I try to update SEO wizz as much as possible and always try to give actionable information rather than just reporting the news, however I have been known to have the odd rant as well :).

SEO wizz has been running for the last couple of years and has quickly helped me establish a voice in the industry gaining mentions on the likes of,, Econsultancy and many more leading authorities in the world of SEO and search marketing.

I started off as an enthusiastic work from home affiliate back in 2003/2004, quickly learning how much rubbish there was on the web about building an online business and making money, however after lots of trial and error I began to make things work using a mixture of Google Adwords and SEO. I then made my way into consulting helping clients in the US, UK and across Europe gain better visibility through Google and boost their online revenue.

I currently work with a great SEO team at Branded3 as Head of Search helping global brands succeed online, I also co-founded BabySEO, an SEO company dedicated to helping small and local businesses utilise Google to enhance their presence, one of the best SEO solutions for small businesses in my opinion but I’m obviously a little bias.

Over the past 7 years I have worked with over 100 different businesses and developed highly successful SEO campaigns in some of the most competitive online industries. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss anything relating to SEOwizz, Branded3, BabySEO or anything else relating to search.