Yes SEOwizz still exists

I admit, it has been a while, in fact over the course of 2014 I only posted twice on the blog, which is ironic considering I had access to more insight than ever before. The truth is I really struggled to find the time, and SEOwizz has been penalised by Google for the last 3 years so there has been no search benefit to anything I have been writing.

Over the past 18 – 24 months Branded3 has seen significant growth, and managing the demands of a growing business has meant my priorities had to change, however I have always planned on coming back to the blog and sharing some of the insight I now have access to, as well as thoughts and opinions on search and the wider digital marketing landscape.

Truth is, since I started SEOwizz back in 2008/9 the landscape has changed, massively, and as the landscape has matured so has my outlook. There are so many posts on this blog alone that are simply out of date and need to be refreshed, SEO is now so much bigger than keywords and links, they’re both still there, and important, but in isolation they’re pretty worthless.

When I started SEOwizz I wanted to focus on what really worked, not what the ideal was, not whitehat/blackhat/greyhat but what really drove results, what signals worked and how to influence them. Because of this I had no interest in ‘real’ marketing, just manipulating well known signals and teaching others how they could do it too. The reason for this was due to the fact that there was so much information out there, some of it was completely wrong and some of it sounded great but didn’t work. I wanted to focus only on what worked, regardless of which discipline it fell into.

So, where are we now?

Well, everything has changed, multiple penalties, algorithm changes and devaluing of historic signals has completely changed the landscape, Google is no longer a place where building a real business can revolve around a handful of tactics. Yes, if you have no long term aspirations for your website, go ahead and game Google, you will win for a while but eventually your site will get burnt. If you’re looking to build a brand this is not a great strategy.

I still want to focus this blog on what works, but what works for businesses that are interested in building their brand, that are looking for longevity; so moving forward that’s what will be happening.

Just by way of an update, I have had my own run in with Google:

SEOwizz Visibility

Only now, nearly 3 years after the original penalty is SEOwizz starting to recover. That’s despite a successful reconsideration, cleaning up content and having some very strong links (check the profile out).

Moving Forward

Helping to grow Branded3 over the past 5 years has been awesome, starting off in a business of 8 people and seeing it grow to 80 really has been a privilege, and there is a lot more to come.

It has given me lots of experience in broader digital marketing, understanding commercial pressures and discovering new signals and areas of importance to drive search performance.

We have invested in technology that allows us to see algorithm changes as they happen, understanding the impact on multiple industries and quickly been able to identify the signals that are driving it.

I get to work as part of a team of experts in their individual disciplines; Designers, Creatives, PR strategists, SEO’s, Analysts, Content Strategists, Developers, Social Strategists, Paid Media Managers etc….. and I get to see what real business benefits these activities drive, both independently and collaboratively.

In other words, the experience I have, the insights I have access to and a general broader understanding of digital and business as whole, means the output of SEOwizz has to move on.

I am planning on writing a lot more, as of the beginning of March it will be weekly, and in the near future a possible domain change, plus the introduction of some solid guest bloggers.

Hopefully, if Google have now forgiven me, I might also get some rankings 🙂

ps I have had to disable comments due to the sheer amount of spam coming through. Will look into bringing this back online in the future.


Tim Grice is the CEO of Branded3, a search marketing agency in the UK. Tim has over a decade of experience in search and regularly speaks at key events and conferences.

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