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Finally! Google Launches a Link Disavow Tool

Well at long last Mr Cutts announces the anticipated link disavow tool at Pubcon:

link disavow tool

This gives webmasters the opportunity to upload a text file through webmaster tools, identifying any toxic links they believe point to their website, it does however come with a few warnings.

– Just because you think a link is toxic doesn’t mean Google aren’t counting it

– Don’t just disavow whole domains, you may have good links on there as well

– Still a lot of uncertainties around how it treats subdomains, blogspot, wordpress etc…

– Complete a full link audit and try and remove links first

Google still recommend removing links before adding them in the disavow tool, and personally I would only use this tool if you feel your search rankings are being negatively affected.

You use the tool by uploading a text file through your webmaster tools account:

To remove a linking page =

To remove a domain =

Add the above examples on a separate line for each disavowal.

I’d be cautious removing whole domains for the reasons stated above, and would only use the tool if you feel bad links are negatively affecting natural search performance.

Before using the tool I’d suggest a full back link audit, and remember Google treat links put in the disavow tool as nofollow, so if they were adding value you will no doubt lose rankings and traffic.

You can find the tool here:

And here is a little video from Matt:

For those spam links you just can’t contact, I think this tool can make the difference.

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