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I recently wrote a post for the YOUmoz section of SEOmoz which detailed some findings from a quick survey I did.

The survey detailed what companies are spending on press release distribution services and 20 SEO’s from various UK agencies answered the survey. You can read the full post here – Are You Wasting Budget With Online Press Release Distribution?

The spend results were as follows:

press release distribution

As you can see, companies are spending a huge amount with online press distribution services, but the worrying trend was that this was their main link building strategy!!

I went on to test a press release service to see what kind of link value it might hold:

press release results

As you can see the results from a link building point of view were poor, out of 299, less than 15 were indexed in Google. As an isolated link building strategy this is seriously flawed.

Press releases can be useful as part of a wider strategy and if you use press releases or are planning to use them you should go read the post on SEOmoz, you can give it a thumbs up whilst you’re there :)

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