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If you run an ecommerce site you will have no doubt been frustrated with Google in the past due to the small amount of data it’s been able to provide concerning your conversion funnel. Many will have turned to coremetrics or omniture, however Google have pulled their finger out and changed their attribution model and are giving much more data.

Google multi-channel funnels is a game changer in my opinion, I just want to flick through a few features but you can read more about it here and here ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have ecommerce set up you will need to navigate to the new analytics view and click in the ‘my conversions’ drop down, select multi funnels and you’re on your way to analytics heaven.

Which Channel is assisting??

Most analytics systems credit conversions based on the first or last click within a session.

First click = PPC > Organic > PPC > Referral > Conversion (PPC Conversion)

Last click = Organic > PPC > Referral > Organic > Conversion (Organic Conversion)

So thatโ€™s how it usually works but what if you had the ability to see every player in this chain, every channel that was assisting in pushing conversions to your site? This is what Multi Channel Funnels does;

multi channel funnel assists

This pretty chart shows which channels assisted more often.

conversion path multi channel funnels

You can also break this down into source/medium, the chart above shows Google organic produces 8390 conversions from the last click, however it assists in another 6027! Just using the last click is seriously undervaluing the traffic.

But hey what about the first click, how did the visitor first find the site?

first interaction multi channel funnels

Again Google organic has 8849 last click conversions but 9724 on the first click!

Popular Conversion Paths

Again this is broken down nicely:

google assists multi channel funnels

You can also see time lag between first interaction and conversion as well as path length in terms of clicks.

It’s all absolutely priceless and in terms of us SEO’s whether in house or in an agency it is a massive help in terms of proving the power of Google organic traffic.

Every ecommerce site I have looked at so far shows Google organic traffic is anywhere between 75% – 125% undervalued!

Happy days ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously you need to read about this.


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