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Was City Visitor Crushed By Panda?

After reviewing some of clients traffic this morning we came across an interesting trend.

Most people in the SEO field understand how powerful links on City Visitor are but they also know how much traffic they can potentially drive, especially from local terms.

Now I have no qualms with the links, they still work well but it seems to me like they have been delivered a Panda Hammer.

This is a screen shot from one of our clients showing referring traffic from the domain;

City Visitor Panda

By the look of this anyone paying for links or placements on an ongoing basis need to rethink how much they want to invest particularly those doing it for traffic alone, as an SEO boost the links still work well.

This is just one client so it is possible it could just relate to this niche, however we have links in 84 different locations so it’s definitely not a location based problem.

First Google Places, now Panda…….. ouch

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