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Dominate More Rankings With Effective Online Site Hubs

First of all let me apologise for the lack of activity on here recently, life is pretty busy at the moment and despite having lots to say the blog has had to take a back seat, however over the last month a lot has happened in the world of search, therefore lots to talk about.

One thing we have been noticing recently is how effective hubs are at generating rankings for core keywords, hubs have always been used to increase relevance but very recently they seem to have been given a little more weight.

What Do I Mean By a Hub?

At one point in the not so distant past if you wanted to rank you would create a well optimised landing page and link build to it. Depending on how competitive the term was you could probably get a top 5 ranking within a few month.

A hub is creating the landing page but also creating 5 – 10 relevant pages linked to from the landing page all using variations of the main term. Creating hubs on your site needs to be a priority at the moment as sites that do it are benefiting from higher rankings and more traffic.


If you wanted to target the keyword ‘dog clippers’ fly over to the Google keyword tool and see what kind of hubs you can create:

dog keywords

In terms of structure it might look something like this;

dog clippers hub structure

You can create multiple hubs on your domain targeting any areas relevant to your niche.

Where to Target Links

Around a year ago when you only had one landing page you would have built links into the one page with variations of the keywords, however I personally feel the best way to link build is by targeting all pages within the hub with the most relevant anchor text to that particular page.

How Could This Work On An E Commerce Site?

E Commerce sites tend to have thousands of products under one category, do they really need to link build to thousands of pages?

Of course not, it wouldn’t be scalable, however you could break some of your main categories into sub categories and link build that way, just how I have set out above.

Creating more variation in your on page optimisation as well as the anchor text will produce better results across the full keyword range and assist in increasing relevant traffic.



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