Get Ready For The Next Panda Wave UK!

After seeing the traffic drop off on a number of my sites and discussing the Panda effect this morning with Patrick, I decided to do a little more research into the U.S. drop off and how it is hitting other websites.

We looked at over 20 different sites and some of the Ecommerce sites ‘stuck out like a sore thumb’!

panda effect

This is one of the websites in question and it was a very similar picture across multiple UK based e-commerce websites, up to a 50% drop in US based Google organic traffic as of the 24th February.

As of yet UK traffic has not been affected, however Panda hasn’t hit the UK yet and once it does this picture is going to be even more devastating.

Can You Do Anything About It

Well if you have lot’s of unique content you have nothing to worry about, however E-commerce websites could be hit hard as they have multiple pages that have content on them that is duplicated all across the web, this is what is causing the above.

The above should act as a warning to all UK based E-commerce sites, if your US Google traffic looks similar to this over the last month then get ready for wave two to hit:-

– Switch any spare resources to re writing content that you believe to be duplicated
– Write 300 + words of 100% unique copy for any products you have
– Invest in encouraging more user generated content

Patrick has published some data on Blogstorm and there was a nice post on SEOmoz talking about the positive impact UGC has, especially post Panda. Panda is expected in the UK any time now, creating unique, useful content has to be a priority for all sites moving forwards.


is the CEO of Branded3 a Search Marketing Agency in the UK. Tim has over a decade of experience in Search and regularly speaks at key events and conferences.

9 thoughts on “Get Ready For The Next Panda Wave UK!

  1. Hi Tim

    Noticed a few Google Panda update stories kicking off today, dont think its going to be long now until it hits the shores of the UK.

    I am little concerened about one of my own websites, it did have around 300+ products, mostly all duplicated product spec (not much you can say about the products I sell), the last week or so removed back to about 100 or there about, still worried about this, the website itself has some unique blog posts + articles aswell to give it a boost, but not sure if the product descriptions is going to get me affected by the update.

    Do you think with a 100 or so, I could?

  2. Hi Robert,

    It’s very likely any duplicate content could be affected from what I have seen happening in the U.S. , it’s almost like Google are taking the traffic from ecommerce sites and passing it to blogs with unique content and lot’s of adsense! Good business plan on their part but a nightmare for E-commerce users, I think the only way to be ahead of the curve is to re write all content and make it as unique as possible.

  3. Hi Tim

    We have already started removing alot of our products that we dont really sell, and the ones we are keeping starting to re-write product descriptions. I am hoping with the range of articles, blog posts on the website and also the wide range of links going to the website, I am keeping fingers crossed I dont get hit when it does finally land in the UK.

    From what I have read it seems that nobody really knows how or how badly its going to affect the UK, until it actually happens. I just wish it would happen sooner rather than later 🙂

  4. Personally, I’m a dirty affiliate marketer and, with Panda in mind, I decided to drastically overhaul my discount code site. Out go my automated imports pulled from network feeds using Perl, in comes lots of unique content (you’d be amazed how many friends want to write a post on a blog 😉 ). Then add in a little creative thinking about how to get users to find the discount codes on my site and, ‘bingo’ – bring it on Google :).

    I’m quite looking forward to Panda but, if my site tanks, I’ll be asking Tim to remove this self-congratulatory comment asap!

  5. Hi Tim, when you say UK sites, are those sites that are on a .uk domain. I have not seen any drop in my traffic and rankings but all my domains or on .com’s. Not all my content is unique so I am worried. Should I expect the UK Panda onslaught to have an impact in this case.


  6. When I say UK sites I am simply referring to where they target traffic rather than a domain extension.

    Panda has hit the UK now so keep a close eye on your traffic, look at organic traffic from Google and filter for keywords which delivered <1 visits, watch this over the next week or 2 and it should become clear whether or not you have been affected by this up date. If your content is duplicated across multiple sites then you are at risk.

  7. Tim, interesting to read you views on duplicate content on ecommerce sites and the Panda update, which are the sites that have been hit the most.

  8. Tech sites have been hit badly, its seems any sites that are content based and target commercial terms have taken a big hit.

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