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Could Scrapers Damage Your Traffic After Panda?

After doing a bit of traffic analysis across my sites this week it has become evident that my ‘Google’ organic traffic is down around 40% on certain domains, luckily these domains aren’t relied upon financially but the results are a little worrying.

There are no obvious trends in terms of keywords, however I noticed some big differences when segmenting traffic by location, here is a screen shot from one of my sites showing Google traffic from the U.S;

panda traffic drop

Google traffic from the U.S. is down 50% compared to traffic levels in February!

If I had been scraping content on these sites or auto generating it in anyway I could understand such a dramatic drop in search traffic. The fact is the 100 + pages of content on the site were written by me and are 100% unique in terms of structure and tone of voice.

So on the face of it this site should not have been affected by the update, however there could be a reason for this….

I am not protective of the content on the site and there is zero social interaction on the domain i.e. nothing has been shared on any of the main social sites. I have no doubt that the content has been duplicated all around the web and scraped left, right and centre.

I am pretty convinced this is the panda update and if I am right it means any genuine content driven site, that publishes 100% unique content, could also be affected by this update. How does Google understand what the master copy of a piece of content is?

Food for thought I’d say.

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