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Has SEOwizz Got a Penalty??

Just a real quick announcement type post, but I am sure some will find it interesting…..

I have received a significant number of emails over the past few weeks asking me why I no longer rank for some of my core terms, many were presuming some kind of penalty or filter….

Well first of all I’d like to thank you all for your concern, however the ranking drop is completely of my own doing…

Why would you kill your rankings?

Well I didn’t exactly set about to kill my rankings, I simply decided to have a clean up of my link profile, booting out some links I had on other sites I own and cleaning up a few of the site wide links I had pointing at SEOwizz.

Within 3 days of removing what I presumed to be poor quality links, SEOwizz dropped out of the top 100 for some core terms such as search engine optimisation, SEO etc….

I have to admit at first I panicked, however presumed it must of been some kind of Google Dance and my rankings would pop back up, 3 weeks later and they’re still struggling.

Now you might think the first thing I am going to do is put all the links I removed back up, but you’d be wrong. You see, even though Google’s algo was fooled I wasn’t and I have got to the point where I have to be a little more careful about my link profile due to a little too much attention from the wrong sort of folk :)

In all honesty my core rankings only brought in around 2% of my organic traffic so they were literally ‘glory rankings’, the majority of my traffic comes from long tail queries and this has gone up in the last 3 weeks rather than down.

So to sum up, no I haven’t got a penalty, yes my rankings have taken a hit, however don’t think for one second I won’t be back up mixing it at the top very soon ;) .

Thanks for the emails.

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