Tim Grice Joins Branded3!

Thats right, I have joined the SEO team at Branded3, in my mind it is an excellent move for me, for many different reasons.

Now I know this may be shock to some of you who have seen SEOwizz grow nicely over the last 12 months, however I hope after reading through this post you understand my reasoning for the move.

For those of you new to the blog let me give you a little background.

I (Tim Grice) have been involved in the SEO/Internet marketing arena for the last 5 years, starting with affiliate marketing and progressing to more technical SEO activities and research.

I began taking on freelance clients in 2008, this was mainly through forums and other blogs that I actively contributed to, the contracts were small and involved very little in terms of project work.

SEOwizz was born at the beginning of 2009 and was an outlet for me to promote my skills and to share information with those who weren’t in a position to pay for it. SEOwizz grew faster than I thought it would, ranking on the first page of Google for a number of competitive terms and clients were signing up in the first 3 months of launch.

Work has been flowing through for the last 6 months and various contractors were employed to manage the work load.

So where are we now and why the move?

Well SEOwizz has reached the point where, in my opinion there are 2 avenues.

A – Investment to grow in an attempt to compete


B – I move my skill set to a firm who already deals with major clients

In my mind Branded3 is the perfect move for me, not only does it allow me to work with some of the UK’s biggest corporations but also gives the opportunity to learn and grow. On top of this I will be under the wing of Patrick Altoft, author of blogstorm (the biggest Internet marketing blog in the UK) and Director of search at Branded3.

I hope you can see how great and appealing this opportunity is for me.

However let me try and address the obvious responses;

How can you give up the freedom of being your own boss?

Why not be more patient and grow slowly?

The best way I can answer these sort of questions is by being honest.

SEO is not a money making scheme for me, it’s not a way for me to dominate the serps with cheap looking sites (even though I do dabble in that arena), for me SEO is an obsession, the whole Internet marketing landscape is my passion and the opportunity to work with corporate clients, grow my skills and learn from others is just as important as occupational freedom and money.

I am sure there will be those of you who disagree with me and may question my decision and hey, we all have different priorities. My hope is that regardless of personal opinions you will continue to come back and read the blog here.

Also I need to add that I didn’t simply join the first company out there, I have had a number of offers from some of the biggest firms in the UK. I joined Branded3 because of their strong focus on quality, even though they do build rankings and search engine traffic they are more concerned with building and maintaining successful businesses, this is why the opportunity to join them is one that I cannot let pass.

What is the future of SEOwizz?

Nothing has changed in my mind other than the SEO services will be directed through myself and the Search Team at Branded3. All tips, tutorials, research and rants will remain business as usual!!

So even though I am particularly busy over the coming weeks, I hope to throw in a few posts around the new link strategy topic, so please stick around 🙂

There will obviously be a number of changes on the blog over the coming days, so please be patient, I’ll try and keep things as smooth as possible.




is the CEO of Branded3 a Search Marketing Agency in the UK. Tim has over a decade of experience in Search and regularly speaks at key events and conferences.

16 thoughts on “Tim Grice Joins Branded3!

  1. Reading this is a bit of a shock, Tim – I must admit. However, good luck. I can understand why you are doing what you are doing.

    You’ll be a better person for doing such a move. Do you expect your service offerings to change?


  2. Congrats! Best wishes with your new job Tim. I know you will be busy but I’m a faithful reader and your blog is full of all the right stuff, so please don’t to forget to feed me now and then. 😉

  3. The way I see it Andrew, is that I am going to be rewarded well for doing what I love, I live and breath SEO and this move will only increase my understanding. Services will have to change a little both in price and process, Clients and future clients will have to appreciate the sheer increase in resources that come with the move, SEO is about skills but it is also about connections, any increase in rates will only be reflected in the quality of results.

    Thanks for your comments I appreciate it.

  4. Thanks TT,

    I think you have been with SEOwizz from just about the start. Don’t worry about the posting it will increase and I will have new experiences and skills to share.

  5. Hi Pchef,

    Dominating Google has become much more than high rankings, however no matter which way Google turns it’s head I plan to be there.

    Thanks for the comments, yours and everybody’s loyalty means a lot.

  6. Andrew,

    Services are pretty much the same keyword strategy, research and analysis; on page optimisation, site auditing and competition analysis and obviously link building and link portfolio optimisation. On top of the usual the move to branded3 also means social media services, full paid search management and conversion optimisation. I have experience in all of the areas and working with branded3 will only increase my knowledge and ability.

    Prices are difficult to discuss as it differs depending on the budget and goals of the business involved. If the keywords being targeted don’t have much competition then fees are obviously smaller. At the lower end fee’s are around £750 – £1000 at the top end (corporate clients) fees can be anything up to £15k a month. I would say the average is somewhere between £3000 – £5000.

    I will be linking directly to some of the services pages at branded3 over the next few days.

  7. Thanks Dave,

    Got a busy few weeks ahead Dave but I am molre than happy with my decision. Thanks for your support or yes and the blog design 🙂

  8. Tim,
    Ah, yes, the only thing constant is change 🙂 Congratulations, I think you are making an excellent move and it sounds like a great opportunity. You’ll always have the chance to go out on your own again at a later point in time. In the meantime I’ll bet you will learn a great deal at your new gig.

    It has been great to watch your SEO evolution here at SEOwizz and you have imparted a great deal of wisdom. Hopefully SEOwizz won’t disappear completely. Keep us posted on how things will change.

  9. Hi Mike,

    I also think it’s a good move for me, as I said in the post I was in a position to go down two roads and I am happy with the one I chose. As far as going on my own again is concerned, I really only have a focus of making it a success at Branded3, the team here is excellent, the clients are huge and I am sure I will find my place within the structure.

    SEOwizz – will continue as usual, hopefully once Feb is out of the way posting will be a lot more frequent and obviously I will be able to impart new found knowledge and advice.

    On a slightly different note Mike, I have been trying to email you for the last few weeks, I don’t think they’re getting to you. Let me know an email I can catch you on or your skype.

  10. Hello Tim,

    I understand your passion to learn new things in the field of SEO. I am sure Branded3 will give you more exposure with new ideas. Wish you all the best and hope to see your next post soon.

  11. Tim,
    Good to know that SEOwizz will continue as usual. Quite valuable info and I would definitely miss the site if you phased it out. I received your email a short time ago and will respond today.

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