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A New Trend In Anchor Text

Just a quick post before the weekend to impart some trends I have noticed across multiple websites over the last month.

I work with a number of clients who are sitting in 8th 9th position on Google, they are desperate to move up and the frustrating part is they have a better link profile than the sites in the top 3.

So what is causing this lull? Why are they not seeing top rankings?

As an SEO’s all we can do is compare on page factors and link profiles, we could go into social mentions but it would be a waste of time as the clients I have been dealing with are large commercial companies who struggle to get social mentions.

After looking through 5 or 6 websites 1 thing kept cropping up;

The websites with better anchor text variation were ranking higher; let me explain.

The sites that were struggling to get in the top 5 had 50-60% of their links targeted at the keyword they wanted to rank for…..

The top ranking sites were around the 25% mark.

Plus on top of this the higher ranking sites had an average of 36 anchor variations pointing to the page, the sites struggling only had an average of 23.

What Does This Show Us?

Well it’s simple, just don’t overdo it with the anchor text, as I have stated many times before use 7-10 variations of the main keyword and make sure you build at least 30% of your links using the domain name.

Progress up the SERPS may be slower using this method, however it protects you against anchor text filters and penalties, because trust me when I say they exist even for the biggest of businesses.

You have always had to be careful when it came to anchor text, but I think now is the time to get a little more natural.

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