Google Shows Search Results Not Searched For???!!

OK I’m going to let you know early on that this is a little bit of a rant. Sorry 🙂

You see SEO changes all the time, something that worked 6 months ago rarely works now, link building methods consistently have to be changed in order to maximise your campaign.

I love SEO just because of that, it is forever changing and there is no such thing as boredom, however Google have over stepped the mark, and the reason I am upset is because it effects me.

Long term readers will know I have been targeting the keywords ‘search engine optimisation’ for around 6 months, so link building efforts have obviously been incorporating this keyword.

So what has Google gone and done??

Well, try searching for the keyword ‘search engine optimisation’ on the domain; this is what you will get?

optimisation results

Showing results for ‘search engine optimization’???? Do I want to search for ‘search engine optimisation’???

Seriously, I am searching in the UK, in the UK we use ‘s’ instead of ‘z’ – organisation, recognise etc….

I fully understand why Google might think I mean ‘optimization’ but instead of hitting me with the ‘Did you mean’ sign, instead it shows a set of search results I never searched for or wanted!! Crazy.

So where does this leave me in terms of decisions, If I keep targeting ‘search engine optimisation’ people who search it are not going to be given the results that are relevant, so do I switch my optimisation methods to rank for a key phrase Google says I should be searching on??

Does Google even care that there are 33,000 searches a month in the UK for the key phrase ‘search engine optimisation’, are all these people wrongly hitting the ‘s’ instead of ‘z’ Google???

The other option I have is to hope this switches back and shows results based on the keyword that was input, but will Google ever realise optimisation came before optimization?? I’m not convinced.

I think I am going to simply add optimization to my title tag.

I love SEO, I love the fact that it is a constantly changing landscape but this is ridiculous.

Sorry for the rant, but thought some of you might find it of interest.


is the CEO of Branded3 a Search Marketing Agency in the UK. Tim has over a decade of experience in Search and regularly speaks at key events and conferences.

13 thoughts on “Google Shows Search Results Not Searched For???!!

  1. Hi Kali,

    It seems to have amended itself now but there you go, just shows how much power Google have over businesses that operate online. They could destroy companies if they wanted to.

  2. This is not a big problem to use the “z” instead of “s”.You want to results so it gave you,results are the same no matter of s or z.Google is such a big search engine,its results are authentic as compare to others.

  3. @WDC,

    The results do seem to have been sorted but for three days the results were preferring the ‘z’ version. Either I’ve covered my bases now.

  4. @ Kai,

    It’s seems like they have fixed it now, but it is worrying to think a years optimisation is down the drain just like that, shows how much power Google has!!

  5. Google still has my blogaboutnothingatall site deindexed. It is taking them forever to reconsider the site back into the search engine! They are above the law 🙁

  6. kai,

    Do you know why they deindexed your site. They normally won’t even consider reomving the penalty until you have admitted what you’ve done and proven you’ve taken steps to amend it. I have worked with a few clients on this sort of thing and what Google really want to see is that you have ‘seen the error of your ways’ and have put it right.

  7. Yes Tim,

    I was posting nonsense crap by following the Google Trends. I look at the Trends, and make a blog post with the title 100% optimized for the specific keyword phrase in the Trends. I was getting a lot of traffic but it was junk since they were not looking to click Ads.

    Then, Google caught on. I guess somebody reported my site or there was a huge spike of traffic + high bounce rate.

    I removed everything, and now it is just a very small niche site that can potentially make a lot of money once I’m back on Google’s index. I am getting traffic from Ask, Bing, Yahoo and it makes a decent amount for a “parked” site.

    -Kai Lo
    Twitter @lomak1985

  8. Tim,

    It wasn’t the optimized title text. It was because I filled it with poor content. Such as, “are you looking for (title of post)? You can find many of those in the search engine. Simply type in the word and you will find many information on it…”

    It was complete junk just to get traffic lol.

    Twitter @lomak1985

  9. @Kai,

    I see, it will have been reported by another webmaster, I can’t see how Google would detect that automatically. I have to say though I know of a few different cases of sites being banned for keyword stuffing and have never known a penalty over turned.

  10. It just got worse. I put Heat-care Plan into Google and all the results returned were for health-care plan, not even offering me the alternative of searching for the phrase I entered. I’ve not encountered this before.
    Just to check, I placed quotes around “heat-care plan” and bingo! got the results I was hoping for. I also checked heat-care plan (no quotes) on Bing and that was fine.


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