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Google Shows Search Results Not Searched For???!!

OK I’m going to let you know early on that this is a little bit of a rant. Sorry :)

You see SEO changes all the time, something that worked 6 months ago rarely works now, link building methods consistently have to be changed in order to maximise your campaign.

I love SEO just because of that, it is forever changing and there is no such thing as boredom, however Google have over stepped the mark, and the reason I am upset is because it effects me.

Long term readers will know I have been targeting the keywords ‘search engine optimisation’ for around 6 months, so link building efforts have obviously been incorporating this keyword.

So what has Google gone and done??

Well, try searching for the keyword ‘search engine optimisation’ on the domain; this is what you will get?

optimisation results

Showing results for ‘search engine optimization’???? Do I want to search for ‘search engine optimisation’???

Seriously, I am searching in the UK, in the UK we use ‘s’ instead of ‘z’ – organisation, recognise etc….

I fully understand why Google might think I mean ‘optimization’ but instead of hitting me with the ‘Did you mean’ sign, instead it shows a set of search results I never searched for or wanted!! Crazy.

So where does this leave me in terms of decisions, If I keep targeting ‘search engine optimisation’ people who search it are not going to be given the results that are relevant, so do I switch my optimisation methods to rank for a key phrase Google says I should be searching on??

Does Google even care that there are 33,000 searches a month in the UK for the key phrase ‘search engine optimisation’, are all these people wrongly hitting the ‘s’ instead of ‘z’ Google???

The other option I have is to hope this switches back and shows results based on the keyword that was input, but will Google ever realise optimisation came before optimization?? I’m not convinced.

I think I am going to simply add optimization to my title tag.

I love SEO, I love the fact that it is a constantly changing landscape but this is ridiculous.

Sorry for the rant, but thought some of you might find it of interest.

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