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One Way Link Building – Indepth Review Of The Best Services

Let me start this post by making it clear that this is not a promotional post, there are no affiliate links in it and I will try my best not to use any promotional language.

The reviews are from my own experience as I have used the services over the past 3 months, some quite a lot longer.

The next thing I want to make clear is that this post is to help those who actively build links, if you don’t think article marketing is ethical or content distribution is a valid way of getting links then this post is seriously not for you, if you read it you may leave this blog and never return :)

One Way Link Building

I know there are quite a few “SEO” newbies that read this blog, however if you think you fully understand one way link building you can skip this section and go straight into the reviews.

One way links are those links that point back to your site without any return link the linking page.


- If I get a link from Jonny at that is a one way link.

- If I return a link to Jonny’s page that links to me this is a reciprocal link.

- If I return a link to a different page on Jonny’s domain that is what is known as a triangular link.

I hope that makes sense…

There is nothing wrong with reciprocal or triangular links as long as we keep them to a minimum, they are sometimes good to use to help a new site gain trust or strengthen an established sites link profile.

However…. One way links need to make up at least 80% of our link profile, they are given more weight from Google as a one way link is a reference without a return vote, no other reason for giving the link other than the fact you are pointing people to a great resource, apparently.

So as webmasters it is important that we start getting these one way links and doing it with the content on our own sites alone is a real pain in the a%! in fact it never really materialises for 95% of webmasters, even if their content was the best anyone could provide in that niche. I have seen so many blogs with great content, hardly being noticed online because they have failed to fully understand the concept that content is king.

Yes, content is king, but only when you use it right and posting 10 times a week is not using it right and will probably end in you getting burnt out and giving up, only to start a new blog on a new theme 3 months later making the same mistakes.

The following reviews are going to show you some great systems for generating ‘one way back links’ of course some are better than others and if you’re in an extremely low competition niche you may not even have to pay, anyway let’s kick into the meat of this post.

The Free Way

Yes if you have absolutely no competition or your competition are a few crappy little sites who don’t know what a link is then, Yes all you need is your time.

Use sites like Ezine Articles and GO Articles, to publish content in return for a link back. You can read more about article submissions in a post I published a few weeks back on ‘mass article submissions‘ and why they are not as effective as they were.

As well as publishing the odd article for a link you can also submit your site to directories (Yes this still works) and you can submit your individual blog posts to blog carnivals.

Do around a month of this and you will see a steady increase in links, and if there is little competition for your keyword you should be at least on the first page of Google.

It is so important to use your target anchor text when creating these links back to your site, however remember to mix it up using different variations. I recommend using the exact anchor text around 30% of the time, the others should be variations and/or your domain name.

Ok, let’s fly into the product reviews at last, remember these reviews are 100% genuine and designed to give you a true insight into the product and my own experience with it. The products are in no particular order; however I will tell you at the end which I use and prefer. Remember the products that will suite you will depend on your exact needs and budget.

Article Marketer

article marketer

Article Marketer is a mass distribution network that pumps your article out to thousands of ezines and their subscribers.

First thing to get out of the way is that Article Marketer has now split into to 2 different companies since October 2009, however both systems are very similar and work in a similar way.

Both Distribute Your Articles and Content Crooner send your articles out to thousands of directories and ezines.

The services cost between $30 and $40 monthly with discounts when you pay for a year or a life time membership.

Some things to keep in mind

1) Even though your articles are sent out to thousands it is not going to be published on thousands.

2) Also your article is going to be the identical content on every directory so only the strongest domains will be indexed.

3) You can typically expect to acquire between 15 – 35 back links with every article you distribute.

Who does this product suite

I would recommend this to anyone who writes one ‘quality’ article a week for distribution and when I mean quality I am talking about something worthy of a guest blog post. If you tend to write 400 word descriptive articles (like me :) ) I suggest you save your money and distribute them manually.

My Article Network

my article network

My Article Network is a similar sort of set up, however has some big differences.

First of all it has over 10,000 active blogs to publish your content on, all with separate IP’s, excellent but how is it different to article marketer and co?

My article network also gives you to tools to spin your content, basically this means you rewrite the paragraphs a few times and my article network mixes them all around to create unique articles. This means more of your articles are indexed and you get more links.

The price of the service is $47 a month, if you stop paying your articles stop being distributed and this leads us onto the negative side of my article network.

Once you have written and submitted your content, it starts to be distributed, slowly. In fact you will be lucky to get more than 3 distributions per article a day, on top of this you have no idea where the content is going to or the quality of the sites. I used Google to see how many articles were being indexed and the success rate was a little better than article marketer and co, however the blogs were slightly better quality also.

Who does it suite?

If you have a site that needs a moderate amount of link building then this could be the perfect product, I would recommend writing a few articles a week and you should be able to build between 80 – 250 back links a month, which is a nice steady rate.

Unique Article Wizard

unique article wizard

The Unique Article Wizard is hyped up something crazy, in fact in the UK we would say it’s a little too cheesy!!

Hang on though everyone, block out the cheesy hype because this product actually works and works well.

It works on the same premise as the other two products distributing your site to thousands of directories and blogs, so how does it differ??

Well it does in two ways….

1) The spinning tool and options used in this service are the best I have come across and…

2) The quality of the sites submitted to are the best I have come across in a distribution service.

I have used this product for the last 3 month and the average article generates around 300 links, I am not trying to over sell this but these are the kind of results it gives.

Does it have a downside??

Actually yes and it’s the price. Its $67 a month to use the services and this could seem kind of expensive, especially if you are creating little or no income from your site, however apart from that I see no other downsides. It really is an excellent tool.

Backlink Solutions

backlink solutions

OK we start to move into a different area of one way link building and that is with blog networks.

Backlink Solutions is a network of blogs (around 300) that will allow you to publish content on their network. Again the blogs are on differing IP’s and your snippet or article will be published at a rate of between 1 and 20 a day.

Differences to the above products

First of all the blog network is quality with some blogs boasting a PageRank of 5 and 6 (not all some are as low as 2 and 3).

The second benefit is all the blogs look and act like blogs therefore are more likely to be indexed.

The third benefit is that you only have to publish snippets of content (over 150 words) this means you get more links for less time.

Lastly they also have a tool for you to spin the content so you will get more indexed links.

The Price?

$97 Ouch – Yes but it really is worth it for all you get, the only downside apart from the price is that, some of the content does not get indexed and therefore the link building potential is limited, however you place your links within the content which looks more editorial and therefore holds more weight on Google.

Who is this for???

If you are making some good money online this is your next purchase, you can build quality links in a very small amount of time, however if you are making no money it will be difficult to justify.



Linkvana is very similar to Backlink Solutions, it has a large blog network of high PageRank blogs which you submit snippets of content to in return for a link.

The differences

- You can only submit one piece of content for 1 link

- They will only issue 2 – 5 snippets a day per domain

- You can have profiles for as many different domains as you like (even if you don’t own the domains, Backlink Solutions does not allow this)

- You can hire someone to write your content for $2 a snippet (I like this ;) )

These differences make Linkvana a little more search engine friendly and in my opinion give you a better quality of link.

The Downsides

- You can only build 2 – 5 links a day per domain
- The price is $147 a month

Who is this for?

In my opinion linkvana is only for those who already have profitable sites or those who engage in client work and professional link building. $147 is a lot if you only have 1 or blogs that don’t really pull in any cash.

What Do I use

Before I tell you this, first understand I do a fair amount of client work.

I actually use Unique Article Wizard and Linkvana, however if I only had my own sites to worry about and not clients as well, I would use Backlink Solutions instead of linkvana.

You may want to start with the article wizard and then when you have built some income invest in one of the blog networks also.

Is this blackhat?

This is not an easy one to answer and depends on your interpretation of “blackhat SEO”.

My opinion is that it is not. Article marketing has been around before the internet was born and distributing content for a link is no different to guest posting or submitting your site to a directory.

What about spinning and submitting multiple copies of the same article

Well, effectively you are distributing different articles to different directories? What is the harm in that, you are simply making sure Google gives the content unique recognition and therefore recognises the links.

In my opinion this is not blackhat, you are not scraping content, hacking and planting hidden links, all the content is written by humans. What more do you want??

Some Important Link Building Notes

- If you have a new site start off building links slowly and gradually build up the amount.

- If you use these services I recommend submitting content no more than 30 times a day, you don’t want to get penalised for link bombing.

- Remember to mix up your anchor text, you will be penalised for building exact anchors too fact even if it is a 2 page drop for a month, do you really want to risk it?

- Write quality content and your success rate will increase, this will lead to more links for the time you spend writing.

Don’t think you can compete with those people who are using these tools, you will lose. If you care about your business you need to make some sort of investment even if it is simply your time.

I hope you found this useful and please let me know if you have any questions.

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Author: Tim (254 Articles)

is the owner and editor of SEO wizz and has been involved in the search engine marketing industry for over 9 years. He has worked with multiple businesses across many verticals, creating and implementing search marketing strategies for companies in the UK, US and across Europe. Tim is also the Director of Search at Branded3, a Digital Marketing & SEO Agency based in the UK.



searchbrat December 2, 2009 at 1:48 pm

Nice review, I have used all of these products at some stage or another. I am surprised you are using Linkvana for client work. The results for Linkvana (used on personal sites) have been really poor and no where near worth $147 per month. I think Google sniffs networks like this out pretty fast. Although they are hosted on different IP addresses, they are not hard to spot. Even BLS (which probably is the best of that lot) still doesn’t get you great links. Most of the blogs are poor quality, I often wonder if they are any better than a link from an article.
UAW is a good product at getting links but again, the strength of them is quite poor. If in a semi competitive market these tools don’t perform that well. I use UAW to get other links indexed and find it useful in that manner.

Tim December 2, 2009 at 2:18 pm


I had always been a backlink solutions fan but decided to try linkvana a couple of months back. The average blog I receive links from is a PR3 and have seen some pretty clear cut results using it. I can’t discuss clients but on this site I went from 38 to 28 for the keyword ‘search engine optimisation’ and from 9th th 5th for the keyword “seo techniques”.

I think with any link building method or system there comes a time when it stops working. When this happens I go through a simple repeat, start the process again with directory submissions.

UAW is extremely valuable, I have ranked many sites using this tool, especially my niche blogs, 3 months and 5 articles I can have a site ranking for semi competitive keywords (top five results PR3 or less). I use it to keep a good link growth and to get the right anchors to SEOwizz but as you say, you need to add more quality links into the picture, unfortunately these only really come through genuine referrals and valuable link partnerships.

I’ll keep an eye on linkvana and as soon as it stops being effective you will see me leaving.

I am actually working on a new link building system I cannot discuss yet, hooking up with real bloggers to create an unmatched network, it is still in the testing stages but hopefully it won’t be long before it opens up.

Thanks for the comment and feedback.

searchbrat December 2, 2009 at 2:35 pm

Tim, thanks a lot for such a detailed reply. Really interested to hear your results using these tools. I would def keep an eye on Linkvana as I didn’t see any increase in rank when using it. However, I wonder if its market dependent i.e based on competition.
I will keep up the use of UAW and see how I get on. I do see merits in the tool, especially for building links to links, if that makes sense.

Please keep me in the loop about that network, I started to build out a semi network in a niche but then scraped it and went back to the drawing board in terms of a site I am working on.

However if you are looking for input from someone who is link obsessed, i would be happy to be a guinea pig in any test phase of a product you have coming out ;)

Tim December 2, 2009 at 3:17 pm


No problem, when it comes to link building it is best to get as many ideas together as possible.

I can’t go into the new idea for the network as technically I don’t own it but am helping someone to test it. I see sites like linkvana and backlinks solutions and they are good for getting some anchor links but what they all lack is relevance, as all there blogs are generic like an article network.

A solid network would be one that is kept private, with relevant blogs on subjects all on seperate IP’s.

I find when it comes to link building it easy to get drawn into the “every link has to be quality” club, yet when you analyse most of the sites sitting at the top of the SERPS you can see that 60 – 70% of their links come from directories, paid links, articles and press releases. The other 30% come over time from quality sources.

I like to put good content together and the links I get from it are my “quality links”, everything else I do is for anchor text and sheer link popularity. If you build enough links from diverse range of sources you can even compete in competitive niches.

I’ll keep in touch and anytime you want to swap ideas just give me a bell.

p.s. Use UAW for niche blogs (you know the £50 -£60 a month blogs) it really does work a treat ;) I’ll be posting on this at the beginning of next year.

searchbrat December 2, 2009 at 3:22 pm

Great stuff Tim, I will def keep in touch and look forward to sharing ideas with you down the line

Gabriele SEO March 12, 2010 at 10:06 am

But is still good doing in this way?
Now there are program lime Xrumer and make a good autopost is easy… Not same quality… But a very different quantity…

What do you think about?

Tim March 15, 2010 at 1:58 am

Hi Gabriele,

I think automated link building will only ever do so much, you need to get as many link as possible from unique domains, this in my opinion is what will give your site a real boost.

gabrielem SEO March 31, 2010 at 5:05 pm

Thanks! I have achived the difference!
I have a second qustion: can this services be usefull for italian sites?
I think will be a little less power have some link from site on diferent language…
Did they accept article in other language? Have some perience about it?

Tim April 1, 2010 at 3:06 am

Hi Gabrielem,

I think most only except English articles and to be honest if you are targetting italian keywords these systems are probably not going to give you the results you want. You are better looking for some top quality italian blogs and asking to be featured or send in a guest post.

Ishan August 7, 2011 at 12:31 pm

Hi Tim
I am new to your blog and pretty new to SEO too and very honestly I have already read all your blog posts in a matter of 2 days.
Great Eye opener for me.
I wanted to ask you that now a days there are so many more Article Marketing networks like linxboss, UAW, Build my rank, AMA, SEO Linkvine, Article ranks, Article Blueprint and many more..
Which one do would you prefer to use to get your medium competition and high competition keywords on TOP.

Tim August 9, 2011 at 1:22 am

I think there are a few good ones, I personally like UAW, just because it’s easier to use and track, however I have heard good things about linkboss and build my rank.

To be honest I like to try everything, you have to have diversity in your profile so none of these tools are going to work forever.

Ishan August 9, 2011 at 1:38 am

Thanks for the reply Tim
One more thing. do you use only Article Marketing to Rank your websites or you also go for Blog commenting, profile backlinks, and other forms of marketing too..

Other thing is.. is it absolutely necessary that Page with higher Domain Authority and Page authority will rank higher in SERPS.. cause I have seen some sites doing good even though there link profile does not seem to be very strong apart from the fact that they had considerable amount of edu and gov links.

Tim August 9, 2011 at 2:39 am

I use as many different types of links as possible, however stay away from link exchanges, especially with sites that have a links page with hundreds of other links on them, only exchange with relevant sites where you can both mutually benefit from exchanging traffic. Also find places where you can guest post, building links by guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to generate backlinks.

In terms of ranking factors, there are hundreds so the site with more domain authority isn’t the one that always links. Anchor text is one of the most important ranking factors closely followed by links from unique domains.

Ishan Gupta August 12, 2011 at 2:51 am

I am sorry to bombard you with Questions :D.. But one last thing..actually a couple

1. Building backlinks is easy for me.. i do use a lot of tools like SB, SE-X, Xrum, and now UAW too. Ofcourse you know them all, My concern is getting these links indexed. Can you suggest some good indexing services to get the links indexed.. I have recently started giving my links the SB blasts.. but still to see results on that
2. how much time frame do you think is sufficient to rank a site with decent competition. I launched a site 40 days back and its on page 2-3 for main keyword. I have done some good backlinking in last 5 days.. how soon according to you can i expect the results (keeping in mind that my links will get indexed in next 5-7 days).

one last thing have you been able to rank your site solely on the basis of UAW.. they just did like 200 submissions(daily limit 150) of my article in last 3 days.. I have already put up 10 articles though ;) and also do they have good indexing rate or you get them indexed using some service or anything

Huge Thanks :)

Tim August 12, 2011 at 3:35 am

In terms of getting links indexed I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I find that links from pages that aren’t indexed still seem to carry some weight and the effort you need to go to get these links indexed simply isn’t worth it. At the very most I use UAW if there is a page I really want to boost.

In terms of time frames it is really down to competition and the diversity of the links you are creating. Don’t just rely on article submission as this will only do so much, you need to diversify your profile, do some guest blogging, blogroll exchanges, bookmarking etc…

In my experience no one link building method is enough to dominate a niche.

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