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The Problem With Quality Link Building

Sound like a strange title? What possible problem could there be with creating quality links back to your site?

Don’t worry all will be revealed!!

I was reading SEOMOZ Blog recently, the whiteboard Friday addition was discussing link quality and more specifically how Google is now crediting links from pages with higher PageRank alot more so than low quality, regardless how many of the low quality links you have. On top of this Rand made reference to the fact that low quality link building is a waste of time??

Now I have a problem with this on a few levels;

1) There was no mention in the post about link relevance
2) There was no mention of editorial value
3) There was no mention of the problems faced getting quality links and how this holds a lot of webmasters back

It is no secret that links from pages with high PageRank can have a profound effect on your ability to rank highly in the SERPS. It may even be true to say that 10 quality links are better for your pages than 500 low quality links, however let’s first look at what makes a quality link.

  • High PageRank
  • Relevant Page
  • Optimised Anchor Text
  • Editorially positioned
  • Strong Domain Authority

Not hard really, all you need to do is get an editorially given link from a high PageRank page with lots of domain authority and anchored just the way you want it. Perfectly reasonable link building mindset?? What do you think??

Come on everyone, the chances of you getting links like this regularly are slim to none. The fact is your only going to start getting these type of links when you have created quality content and when you get noticed. Getting noticed only comes when you start to rank higher. So what do you do in the mean time?? The blogsphere is packed with webmasters who have lived and died by the “build it and they’ll come philosophy” you have to build links and as long as you’re not spamming build them from where you can get them.

Anyway let’s get back on track, the problem with quality links.

Well I’ve kind of given away the most common problem, they are dam hard to get!! If you’re starting a new site building high quality links is going to be a slow process.

To be honest the best links you are going to get are going to be given because of your outstanding content, period.

The Main Problem

The main problem, the biggest gripe I have with the “only build quality links” theory, is this;

When a quality link is awarded it is very unlikely to be optimised with your target keyword!

It is agreed by most SEO’s that anchor text is one of the most powerful ranking factors so if your quality link does not include it, how much weight is it going to give to your ranking ability for that particular keyword??

I don’t care about the PageRank I care about what keywords I rank for, If my PageRank was 2 but I still ranked for my major keywords I wouldn’t be fussed in the slightest.

My Philosophy

This is what I would recommend and how I think link building should take place;

1- If you are manually building links, get them from wherever you can article directories, directory submissions, guest posts and carnival submissions. Anchor them the way you want them and build up your keyword authority.

2- Create the best quality content you can, as people begin to notice the links will come in and these will be editorially given and will provide your site with the PageRank and authority it needs.

There may be some of you that disagree with this theory and want to tell me I’m wrong. The only way I can answer this is with facts.

Using these techniques I rank:

– 1st Page for “google seo”
– 1st Page for “SEO techniques”
– 3rd Page for “search engine optimisation” and pushing hard.

I’ll keep doing what I do, you keep doing what you do and were all happy :)

If you want PageRank stick to your high quality links, if you want to rank for a given keyword I would seriously keep this post in mind.

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Author: Tim (257 Articles)

is the owner and editor of SEO wizz and has been involved in the search engine marketing industry for over 9 years. He has worked with multiple businesses across many verticals, creating and implementing search marketing strategies for companies in the UK, US and across Europe. Tim is also the Director of Search at Branded3, a Digital Marketing & SEO Agency based in the UK.



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