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Top 8 WordPress SEO Plugins

I am not a big plugin fan, don’t get me wrong many are needed and add to the functionality of your site, however everyone you add makes your site go that little bit slower. I am sure we have our favourite plugins and I know some people that have well over 50 but what I want to do today is go through 8 plugins that I find help my SEO efforts.

The list I have come up with is not conclusive it is simply the ones I feel are the most useful for my SEO campaign. Anyway let’s just jump straight into it;

Akismet – Yes the famous spam stopper, but there is a good reason to implement it other than the fact it blocks annoying spam comments. Part of SEO is building trust and even if we nofollow comments I still wouldn’t want to see lots of links to spammy sites and don’t think it will do your rankings any favours. I have used various spam filters but this is by far the best.

Broken Link Checker – I found this plugin around 3 months ago and have to say it is an essential part of my SEO tool kit. One of the challenges all SEO’s have is stopping link rot, a link from your site that points to a page which is no longer alive and kicking is a waste, not only this but it is draining link juice from your domain and it isn’t even providing a resource. Not good for SEO.

The tool not only tells you which links are broken but also lets you fix them quick and easy or you can just severe the link. I thought I was good at monitoring these types of problem but found 53 broken links on my site when I activated the plugin, and some were pointing to internal pages!! How much link juice was I losing?? Serious people if you want your site to be in ship shape this is a great plugin.

FD Feedburner Plugin – I know your probably wondering what this has to do with SEO and I guess it is pushing the title a bit but Feedburner is a great tool for sharing your content, the more content shared the more links, in theory at least. The plugin allows you to redirect your WordPress feed to your feedburner feed, when I changed platforms back in March from Blogger I was able to redirect my new WP feed to my old Feedburner account. Worthwhile if you use feedburner of course.

Gocodes – If you have affiliate links or ad links on your site, this is an awesome plugin. It allows you to set up a page on your own site which redirects to your affiliate page, guess you could class it as ethical cloaking. You can even add a no follow to loop in order to stay in line with Google’s guidelines. The reason for going to this trouble instead of just placing the link straight to your affiliate page is simple, Google has a bee in there bonnet about thin affiliate sites that provide little in the way of resources to visitors. So you say “your site is a great resource but has some affiliate links on it” do you want to take the risk of a rankings knock?

This plugin will also track the hits to the link which is great for optimising ad positions.

Google XML Sitemap Generator – If you don’t have a sitemap yet now is the time to get one. I have personally seen a profound difference in my rankings and search traffic when I have submitted a sitemap using webmaster tools. The plugin quickly and easily creates your sitemap and it will even notify the engines when you have updated your content, you can even block certain pages from appearing on it, a must have in my opinion.

Twitter Friendly Links – One of the most fundamental aspects of SEO is getting your content out there so people can read it, like it and link back to it. Twitter is an amazing resource of links if used correctly so why not make it easier to share? Twitter friendly links creates a shortened version of your link without it being a tiny URL type link which has no reference to your brand. So this plugin makes smaller urls designed for twitter without losing brand recognition, excellent.

WP Super Cache – I blogged about this towards the beginning of the week and without getting too technical the plugin basically generates html files that are served directly by Apache without having to process potentially heavy PHP scripts, it basically makes your WordPress faster. Why is this good for SEO?? Well a faster loading page means the visitor is more likely to stick around, also Matt Cutts has suggested in the past that slow loading pages may lose their ranking position if problems persist, I highly recommend this plugin.

Related Posts Plugin – You might be surprised to see this one in here and I have only recently been converted to it from an SEO perspective. There are two main reasons why I like to use it, one, it helps the internal link structure of your site and I have also seen increases in deep page search traffic since activating it, however there is another reason to like it. It has been suggested for a long time that Google may begin to take into account user trends when deciding where to rank a site. This plugin encourages users to search your content instead of bouncing, whether it helps rankings or not, getting your visitors to stick around is always a good thing.

You will notice I have not mentioned the all-in-one SEO plugin and this is because I use the Thesis Theme which means I have no need for plugins like the all in one or headspace. These plugins do take care of some of the main on page SEO issues but thesis is far superior and I highly recommend it.

Well I hope some if not all have found this helpful and I’ll catch you all next week.


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