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Increase Organic Search Engine Traffic The Easy Way

One of the things I am often asked is “how did you manage to increase your search engine traffic so quick?”.

I have been working on this blog for around 8 months now and to be honest building search traffic to around 350 a day, I don’t think it’s that big a deal, anyway let me first explain something.

A web page can only ever be optimised for 2 or 3 keywords, anymore than that and your simply giving your page too much work to do. So you have to create more and more content in order to drive the maximum amount of search content, easy.

OK, in order to drive as much free search engine traffic to your site as possible you also need to choose your keywords wisely and implement them correctly. This is where many webmasters lose the plot a little. I work with many clients who wish to chase high traffic terms and this is fine, however you cannot completely close your eyes on all the easy longtail keywords, these are the ones that can drive some major traffic to your site if focused on over the long term.

I was prompted to write this post after watching Rand’s video over on SEOmoz earlier today. Rand does a great job of describing the longtail but fails to tell us all how to implement it, however this is where SEOwizz steps in.

Some pointers if you could not be bothered to go to SEOmoz and watch the post are as follows;

  • 75% of all search’s are longtail keywords
  • 20% of search’s everyday are completely unique to Google’s algorithm

Enough said I think, this is something to be looked at in further detail.

The first thing I did before even sitting down and writing this post was to do a little research, it’s a dead easy method from my affiliate marketing days that helps generate some low competition keywords. These keywords may generate very little search traffic every month, however think of the difference in a year if every one of your blog posts were targeted.

Let me explain why I have used this technique in the past; in my early days of internet marketing I was pretty quick to jump on the Adwords band wagon, not from reading some get rich quick article but by doing my own research and selling affiliate products on Adwords. I was pretty good at it but high traffic keywords soon became far too expensive and paying more than $1 a click made no sense for promoting affiliate products. So in order to get the cheaper traffic I had to focus on the cheaper keywords and I had to find lots of them in order to make any campaign profitable.

So how did I find the keywords? Let me show you a small example and this is still what I do when I begin writing a keyword focused post and this is exactly why I have been able to build increasing search traffic month on month.

The First Step

Well you should know what you’re going to write about at this point so head over to the Google Keyword Tool, I have always found this to be the most accurate tool. OK, in the description box type in a broad keyword that describes what you’re going to write about. For this post I tapped in “search engine traffic”, yes very broad but were going to narrow it down.

Anyway here is an example of the results I got;

increase search engine traffic

As you can see there are a number of related terms and guess what were going to use all of them to dig into to some lovely longtail keywords, even in the first set of results there are some pretty low competition keywords, but let’s take this a little further.

increase organic search engine traffic

Add all the related keywords to your basket, and re type each one into the description box, this will give you more related terms, any you don’t already have in the basket add them to it.

Remember to do a keyword search for every related term, you will find new variations and at the end should have a nice list of related keywords that are mainly low competition.

It is important to remember you are searching for related terms and not ‘suggestions’; we are optimising the page for similar variations not completely different ones.

The Second Step

By now you should have a list of low competition keywords that look a little something like this, here are mine for this post.

increase web traffic

These are the keywords that are going to be the focus of the new post and that are hopefully going to drive web traffic to our page. You should pick a keyword that incorporates a little traffic with less competition and then use that as part of your post/article title. Then you should use as many variations as possible throughout the body of the article, maybe opt to have the list of keywords in a screen minimized so you can keep looking over it in order to add variations naturally into your content.

So just to make sure I am making this clear;

  • Choose a broad keyword relating to what you writing about
  • Pick out some of the longtial keyword variations
  • Carry out a keyword search using each variation to find more low competition longtail keywords
  • Once you have a list of keywords somewhere between 10 – 20, depending on the niche, start writing and incorporate the longtails NATURALLY

YES, this is not going to flood your site with traffic after one post; however it may give you anywhere between 1 and 20 visitors a month per post.

Target keywords in at least one post a week and you will soon see the traffic building up.

Not every post I write is keyword targeted and aimed at increasing organic search engine traffic, however I do try to use a good mixture and this is the reason I have been able to build up a consistent amount of search engine traffic to SEOwizz.

Even if you own a 100% commercial site you cannot fail to ignore the potential in targeting these keywords, yes it will take time but that is what SEO is all about, strategy and patience.

I am going to monitor the search traffic to this page over the next month and show you all the results to prove how this works and how effective it is at increasing web traffic.

You may also note that this post is pretty long and there is a very good reason for writing long posts…..

You can target more keywords = Get more traffic!!

Until next time, keep smiling :)

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Author: Tim (257 Articles)

is the owner and editor of SEO wizz and has been involved in the search engine marketing industry for over 9 years. He has worked with multiple businesses across many verticals, creating and implementing search marketing strategies for companies in the UK, US and across Europe. Tim is also the Director of Search at Branded3, a Digital Marketing & SEO Agency based in the UK.


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