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3 Ways To Ensure SEO Failure

There are some fundamental elements to SEO you need to know in order not fail in your search engine optimisation efforts before you even get started.

Forget keyword research, on page optimisation, content distribution, link baiting or anything like that. There are a few mentalities many online marketers suffer with before their campaign even gets going and I would strongly advise you take in the next three points in order to enhance your SEO efforts.

These points are made with an obvious bit of humour but it is amazing how many webmasters suffer with these symptoms.

Content is King Myth

If you are looking to make a go of it online and promote your site within the search engines you are NOT going to do it by simply creating great content? Well not anytime soon anyway.

You see what happens is new webmasters flock straight to the high profile blogs and read how creating ‘great’ content is the best link building method in the world, “do this and you’ll have the same success as Darren at Problogger!!!”.

Now let me make myself clear on this one, creating viral content is a skill that only comes with experience and luck, even the most popular bloggers around cannot make successful viral content week in week out and they have thousands of willing stumblers behind them. Yes, if you concentrate on creating rock solid content and you’re really good at it, sure you might see high rankings in 3 years or so but if you want high rankings any quicker you’re going to have to play it a little different.

Before you even launch your site you need to have a clear link building strategy, how are you going to build raw popularity? How are you going to get those one way high PageRank links? How are you going to get relevant links? These are the things you need to consider, so don’t think content alone is going to win the day, get your link building plan in place.

Blog Fanatic

Are you the type of person that reads blog after blog but never gets round to applying anything?? How many hours a week do you spend reading your favourite blogs?? Here’s an idea how about just getting on and doing it!

Look, it’s a good idea to read blogs in your niche on a topic you are interested in but don’t become obsessive with it. I have met too many webmasters who spend far too much time reading and less time writing content, building links, making connections, using social media and ensuring their own sites are up to scratch. Don’t fall into this trap set some time aside once or twice a week to read your favourite blogs and then implement what you have learnt.

Stat Junky

I am ashamed to say I suffered with this for many years, constantly checking stats, literally every 30 minutes, adsense, analytics, feedburner, rankings etc…. not healthy. If you are in this predicament you really need to focus all your efforts to get out of it because in my opinion it is the number one reason most webmasters fail to produce online success.

Problem number 1 – Checking your stats this often is complete a waste of time!! What do you possibly hope to achieve from it?? There are so many other things you should be doing with your time, if you feel like checking your stats right now STOP!! Write a great piece of content instead for a guest post or for your own site, do anything just step away from the stats!

Problem number 2 – YES!!!! I had 200 visitors today :) Ahhh I only have 5 today my site is a failure!! :(

If you’re checking your traffic stats or even ranking stats daily you’re going to see massive fluctuations, every webmaster does, however many new webmasters get disheartened by this and give up. Checking your stats daily is depressing and will soon drive you insane and 95% of you will give up. At the most check weekly but I personally prefer to look monthly unless I am carrying out research for a post which requires daily attention.

Trust me cutting down the amount of stat watching you do will greatly increase productivity and your SEO campaign will feel the benefit of it.

You may think this post was a bit of a joke but trust me, I have lost count of the amount webmasters that have struggled with this at some point including myself, cut it out and reap the reward :)

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Author: Tim (257 Articles)

is the owner and editor of SEO wizz and has been involved in the search engine marketing industry for over 9 years. He has worked with multiple businesses across many verticals, creating and implementing search marketing strategies for companies in the UK, US and across Europe. Tim is also the Director of Search at Branded3, a Digital Marketing & SEO Agency based in the UK.



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