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With Enough Links Anything Will Rank!

As you will no doubt of heard Google have rolled out there new Caffeine preview, showing previews of what the search results pages will look like in a month or two months time.

However the launch of this new interface has taught us far more than how the SERPS will look in a few months time. It has also taught us that if you throw enough anchor links at a page it can rank for anything, even without using the keywords.

Ok let me show you what I mean before I rant :)

This is a search in Google for “Caffeine” –

google caffeine

hmmm… I wonder if more than 1% of people searching caffeine are looking for the new Google experiment and Matt Cutt’s blog.

All that has happened is webmasters have been linking back to these pages like crazy with the keyword caffeine somewhere in the mix. If this type of link building had have been aimed at any other page (unrelated to caffeine the drug) it would have been classed as Google bombing and taken out of the index for that result within days.

Even though this is kind of funny it also shows Google’s vulnerability to anchor bombing and the power of anchor links. This happening proves that your content does not really matter only the anchor text of your backlinks.

This is a short post and one really to emphasise the power of links.

I agree that a lot of emphasis needs to be put on links but Google need to try and prevent content entering the index that is in no way relevant to the keyword being searched for. If the keyword is not included anywhere on the page does this not give it away a litte??

I think the above example sends out the wrong message as SEO should be and usually is more than just firing a load of anchor texts at a page.

Google should do the right thing and remove the pages from that keyword search.

What does everybody think?????

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