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Evaluate Your Site Using 6 Easy Steps

When was the last time you looked over your website, gave it a real good evaluation, a quick health check? As our site ranks higher and higher on Google, traffic and enquiries kick in but are we making sure our site is remaining a quality source? SEO will get the visitor to our site but how will the visitor interact and navigate through our sites?

What I wanted to do today is go through some very basic steps to ensure your site quality does not suffer as you become more and more successful. All the tips are straight forward and require a very basic skill set.

What are your Goals?

Sometimes as we become bogged down we forget what our original goals were. Are we creating brand awareness? Looking for leads or building a subscriber list? maybe our goal is to simply sell more products?

Whatever your initial goal was when creating your site it is always good to review it, at least every quarter. Your goals may have changed or the functionality of your site may no longer be compatible. First confirm your goals and then run through the various elements of your site to see if they back up your main objectives.

If your goal was to create brand awareness you could think about things such as logo’s, tag lines and the ease at which content can be shared. How distinctive is your design and slogan’s?

Become a Visitor

Take a little time to review your site as a visitor, check for broken links and attempt to follow a path your customer would be most likely to follow. Allow yourself to become judgemental, how does your site navigate? Are there any ugly elements? Are the links to your products clear and prominent?

Quality Check

One of the most annoying elements of a website can be broken links and it is so easy to rectify. A broken link ruins the user experience and will no doubt kill a potential sale. Check image links also to ensure they are still pointing to correct pages.

Another aspect to check is spelling (something we struggle with on SEOwizz :) ) It can seem like a real pain especially on a content heavy site but having a page free of spelling errors adds to the experience and creates a more professional ethos.

Check graphics on your site, do they still look crisp or do they need a little polishing? All these things add to the user experience and to the conversion rate.

Keep Things Up To Date

If you know some of your content is out of date then take the time to bring it up to scratch. Add new content and sort out any formatting issues. Also think about the importance of your content, is it being linked to appropriately from internal pages.

If it is a converting page or a ‘high emphasis page’ you will want to create as many relevant links to it as possible from deeper pages. This helps Google spider the content more often and increases it’s ability to rank.

Dismiss The Rubbish

I am sure there will be elements of your site that should have hit the trash ages ago. Old images, content and tools can be removed not only for visitor benefits but also to keep your directory as clean as possible. When trying to decide whether or not to remove an element, think to yourself “does it move the visitor towards my intended goal”? If not, is it seriously worth having??

To Do Joys!!

I usually hate ‘to do lists’ but when it comes to keeping on top of your site I find them very helpful. When I evaluate my actions I like to put them on a spreadsheet, prioritising each action. Once a task has been completed move it to a new list and review it on your next evaluation.

Remember SEO is only going to drive visitors to your site. The quality of your site and it’s navigation process is going to have the biggest say on whether or not those visitors will buy.

A bit of a different post today but it is a topic that is usually ignored, however implementing regular evaluations can have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of your site.

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