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Google Caffeine Update – See Your Future Google Ranking

Just a really quick post today but one I think you will all be interested in.

Yesterday Google announced it’s new infastructure and has been trying to get some feedback on how this new system will effect the search results. Visit webmaster central blog or Matt Cutt’s Blog for more info on the update.

The part I am interested in is being able to get a sneak preview into how the search results are going to look a few months down the line.

If you visit and type in a search query you are monitoring you may notice some differences in the results that are displayed. It is basically giving you a sneak preview into the future index.

This obviously can’t take into account the work done on a site between now and then, so results will obviously differ a little but the most significant thing I noticed about it was that authority sites seemed to take a jump.

For example I target the keyword Google seo, so when checking the results I currently sit around 8th, however I drop 2 places on the new results to the bottom of the first page :(.

On the other hand Matt Cutts rises to second from around 4th or 5th. I know this isn’t a big jump but on the face of it, it seems as though it is his sheer link popularity that is the difference and domain popularity.

I plan to look at the change in results a lot closer before trying to establish why the changes have been made, I just thought it would be a good idea to spread the word and let you guys have a play around with it.

I hope this is going to be an on going feature, being able to see into the future results, it will help you establish if your current stategies are moving you in the right direction.

Anyway have fun checking your search terms.

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