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How To Get People To Spread Your Worst Content

I know this blog is normally firmly based on SEO, but this post kind of is, and then again kind of isn’t. You see I read a lot of blogs, internet marketing, techy,SEO and other web marketing based blogs.

I read a lot of GOOD quality info on one hand but then some terrible info in the next breath, the kind of information you get really cross at for wasting your time. The point is throughout all the blogs I read there are certain ones, that no matter what the quality of the post is like, always get, dugg, tweeted, sphunn whatever!

The posts can be a complete waste of two minutes of your time but why are people still spreading this junk all over the web?? For example the latest post on Graywolf’s Blog , Can You Get a Website Indexed with No Links and XML Sitemaps?.

Not only is the post brief and lacks any real context but it is also old news (just wanted to add at this point that I have nothing against Graywolf, in fact I subscribe to the blog as it ‘usually’ has some quality perspectives published.), so why does this kind of content become retweeted 44 – 50 times and get’s sphunn 40 odd times? It ain’t all that great but people are still submitting away.

OK….Rant over, first of all why is this important to SEO?

Well, a strong social presence drives traffic and community traffic drives links to your site, the links increase your search position and your search position increases traffic.

You understand yeah? If not read my article on seo and the social media mix, it goes into a lot more detail than above.

Let’s get back to the point here, why do people spread sub standard content around the web?

Well the more I thought about it, the more it became clear, the secret to getting people to love you, even when your, well, crap, is popularity.

If you are popular within your community and 80% of the content you publish is quality then your followers are still going to vote for the other 20% thats rubbish, but how do we become popular? If your into SEO and looking for natural link votes then you better no how to get popular or you are missing out on a search position boost.

Below are few obsevations I made about the following blogs that seem to get great coverage no matter what they publish.

Their Real

What do you mean Tim? Of course their real.

Yes but the way they write and explain concepts is, how I would imagine, they would explain it if they were stood right in front of me. They let their personalities filter into the way they write, this makes their work more interesting, therefore leads to a stronger following who will stand up for their new leader at any cost. Being true to your personality helps people connect to your publishing and set’s you out from the crowd.

Add some personal info

This blog could easily have turned into a very formal boring business type blog. That would have made it dull and I would have missed the exposure I have gained through making good friends.

I made a commitment when I started the blog that 1- I would make the SEO advice simple and easy to follow, and 2- That I would also make it a little less formal than a dull business blog.

I sometimes have rants, talk about personal gripes, out dodgy SEO practice or am simply transparent with my tips and advice.

I look at blogs with solid followings and they always attempt to engage with the readers by sharing personal information about themselves, whether it be a cat, spouse or experience, sharing personal info builds trust between you and your readers.

Get interesting

Whatever were writing about it is easy to fall into the “dull” trap, this can happen even more when we know our subject inside out, however it is important to engage people by adding an edge to our articles.

A couple of ideas for spicing things up are adding real life studies, being funny or talking casually, go off topic every now and again, try and be creative with your writing.

Ultimately it all ties in together, bring as much of your personality to the table as possible, your not an information robot, your a real person, you don’t simply talk about the same thing throughout every minute of your day, mix it up, your audience will gain trust in you, hopefully like you and spread your content around the web even when it’s rubbish. Easy peasy :)

Thanks for reading, as always let me know your thoughts.

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Author: Tim (257 Articles)

is the owner and editor of SEO wizz and has been involved in the search engine marketing industry for over 9 years. He has worked with multiple businesses across many verticals, creating and implementing search marketing strategies for companies in the UK, US and across Europe. Tim is also the Director of Search at Branded3, a Digital Marketing & SEO Agency based in the UK.



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