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How To Optimise Your Social Profile

Something we don’t go into very often on SEO Wizz is using and optimising your social networking. Social media is becoming a powerful technique for branding, visibility and link building which merges nicely with ,a href=””>SEO, therefore it is fundamental that we take it into account.

I wrote an article last month about how social media links to SEO and why we should take both into account when planning our online promotion. Today I want to discuss a little about how we can optimise or social efforts to increase our sites visibility and reputation.

Profile Name

One of the first things we do when signing up to a social site is pick our username. Now this may seem a pretty trivial matter but optimising your user name can add a lot to your campaigns, here are a few tips I have for profile names.

profile optimisation

1 – Be consistent. You want people to be able to recognise and connect with you through as many different mediums as possible, therefore make your name the same on each site you join. The only exception I would make is if it is more of a personal site such as linkedin where you may be promoting consultancy work.

2 – Think Brand. Try to make your name short and catchy, not only will this help people remember you and your business but a short name helps when trying to add an update to twitter in a 140 character text box.

3 – Misspellings. Stay away from excessive hyphens or numbers unless absolutely necessary. Also make sure your profile name reperesents who you are and what you are about.

Optimise Content

I don’t mean this in the usual SEO, conventional sense, I mean optimise it with social media in mind.

I have heard a few people brag about how they have got keywords to rank using their social media profile by stuffing keywords in the description area, however there are a couple of fundamental problems with this;

a) Your profile page is not customisable and therefore you have little control and flexibility.

b) There is no guarantee the traffic will click through to your site, especially if you are stuffing keywords.

Saying this you should still try to optimise your content for your business name or personal name if your a blogger. Why? Hopefully one day you are going to become very popular therefore you need to protect your reputation now before people start writing nasty things about you and trust me they will.

Use your company/personal name correctly and you will be able to dominate the front page of Google for it.

Below is an example of the first page of Google for my business name SEO Wizz:-

profile optimisation

As you can see my profile pages dominate the first page. This is better than my site and then or something, below it :)

Social Media Optimisation

When we talk about social media optimisation we are not talking about using content to rank for keywords. The whole ethos behind social media is to make connections, to try and get as many people as possible to connect with us, whether it be through twitter, digg, facebook whatever….

– We need to first identify our community, search for those with similar interests or groups that may need your help, you may even need their help. Connect with them first in hope that they will take a look at you and affirm that connection.

– Join in, add comments, give advice and free tips and even ask for it. If your not active within the community and not just on your own site people will be less likely to show interest.

– The bones of good social media optimisation is funnelling quality into the community, it could be a great article, image, tutorial anything, as long as it gives something to the community. People want to connect with those who are going to contribute, so YES by all means direct people to your site but also direct them to other areas on the net you find interesting.

So social media optimisation means providing people with quality

Much different to SEO…. or is it :)

If you guys want to read a great article on twitter optimisation visit search engine journal.

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