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First Page Of Google For “SEO”! With 34 Links?

Just a quick post today but all the same a very interesting one. During my usual testing today I came across something that baffled me somewhat. I was checking out the sites ranking for SEO when I came across:

SEO London

…This site ranks number 3 for the keyword “seo” on Google and it does not even relate to ‘seo’, in the conventional sense. It’s an abbreviation for “sponsers of educational opportunity”, not really a relevant result as most people searching seo will be wanting to read by blog :)

But hold on…It get’s even worse, I looked into the site a little further, expecting to see thousands of links using the companies abbreviation “seo”.

OK…before we go any further, you know exactly what I’m like. I have to make sure all the facts and figures are together before I give you a conclusion.

So…. I have stated the various SEO factors below for the sites ranking either side of this miss indexed site.

The 3 sites I looked at are:

1 – Just Search
2 – SEO London
3 – SEOConsult

(showing up in the serps in the above order)

Something you have to keep in mind is that the broad keyword “seo” is ultra competitive with thousands and thousands of searches each month.

So this site must really deserve to be here,, I guess.

link diversity

How Many Links?

34 Links! I double checked this folks and I’m afraid the figures are correct, 34 follow backlinks pointing to the domain, with a low anchor distribution and on top of that an average effort at on page optimisation.

How has this happened?

Well I have 2 theories about this:

1 – Link Diversity

The link diversity is 94% and it is common knowledge in the SEO industry that Google has started adding weight to the link diversity factor.

(For those who aren’t sure what link diversity is – it is the percentage of links coming from unique top level domains, the more diverse your link profile the better your rankings)

2 – Domain Age

The domain is a lot older than the other 2 domains and therefore will have built up natural domain trust, just one of those things I guess.

3 – Branding

SEO is the abbreviation of the company name, therefore there will be no doubt a few people in the UK will be searching for these guys by name. It really goes to show the importance Google is putting on brands, to the point where an irrelevant site is ranking for an ultra competitive keyword.

Some Additional Factors to Point Out

All the sites are making use of internal links, anchoring them and pointing them back to the top level domains from the sub domains (If you aren’t doing this already, there’s no time like the present.) In the above case study all of “seo london’s” links are internal, give or take the odd link!! They are powerful so use them.

Also take note of “SEOConsult’s” seo strategy, not even two years old yet but have been building links like “mad men”. Don’t get me wrong I like their strategy as it shows exactly how to get to the top of Google quickly, build lot’s of links, anchor them, internally link, and optimise on page, aggressively.

I personally think Google is wrong to show SEO London so high in the results as the ‘majority’ of searchers will be looking for SEO tips, advice, resources and services. How can it be a relevant result?

Thanks for reading


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